Bound Box 4

Bound Box 4 dropped. First off - Una. This is the solid version of the dress in yellow and purple. The Transparent version. Valentina E. Agent Procateur in purple. Ireally like that the maker added in the maitreya autohide. Makes things loads easier. Moda Ballet Boots. I was really looking forward to these. I am … Continue reading Bound Box 4

R2 Fashions

So, I opened my big mouth today. "I guess you want a list of all my R2 outfits?" "That sounds excellent, mine.  Make sure you include pictures." *mumblegrumbleblergablarga* And yes, I do have blue skin now. I look like Spitfire's ebil kid sister or something. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm … Continue reading R2 Fashions