Meshed Head

This is what my avatar looked like…

I have a Maitreya body, I’m using Lumae Skin in Solaris. I have a bunch of Lumae skins – love their stuff so much. Lumiya goes into great detail with their skins, right down to genital details. A lot of high priced skins don’t go into that intimate of detail.

This is the body form I was using with the mesh head. I’ve tweaked it a bit since Notice the squarer jaw. That was to try to get the jaw on the mesh heads to be squarer.

Now… About a week ago or so, I got a mesh head from Laq – Scarlet for 1000L

I wasn’t too impressed with Scarlet. It didn’t feel right. I can’t explain, but it wasn’t what I envisioned io looking like. (pic to come after having some fun pranking Spitfire)

Then, Lumiya advertised that the Laq – Neve was on sale for 500L.

500L – Could the price of mesh heads be finally dropping to something reasonable?

So, this is how I kinda look now.

I’m still fiddling with the head, but it’s Spitfire Approved. After more fiddling, I look like this:

The one problem with mesh heads that is driving me nuts, is how much they look like inanimate objects. The system head is that much more expressive. If the mesh head worked with the system bones for expression, I’d probably be a lot happier with how I look.

The other problem with being a sexy dollie who is owned by a sexy gynoid (who does *not* turn into the WWII era fighter plane) is that when I give her some of my gacha acquired clothing – she inevitably looks better in it than I do!

This has got to stop! I don’t know how, but I will out sexy her one day!  But, hey, I know where to get rid of all the pink stuff I hate – drop it on _her_ head!

Who? Me? Prank my Owner?

Nah… Not me… Not when there are others more willing to be the prankster…

No boom today. Boom tomorrow. Always boom tomorrow.

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