Salut! So you’d like to know more about me?  If you sleuth hard enough, you’ll find me.

Here’s a small faq:

  • Name: <redacted>
  • Known as: Kittlen, io, DJ io, <redacted>
  • Also known as: Unit # 25411 of the YMO Collective
  • Identity: Canadian! Fluidic female. Tomboy.  Elf from either Abode or Dresden Files. May be represented by a white kitten, a white kitsune, a clockwork doll, a statue, or other avatars.  Also identifies as a treecat from the planet Sphinx, and as a non-sexual little. 100% Brat.
  • SL avatar humanoid height variable from 1.66m to nearly 2.5m tall
  • Gender: Biologically female.  Prefers female pronouns.
  • Sexuality: Fluid but not pansexual. Sapiosexual.
  • Sensuality: Pansensual, Sapiosensual. It’s your mind, not your body, that arouses interest.
  • Favourite colours: Purples, Black, Silver, Blue.  #hatepink
  • Can be found on: Second Life
  • Ownership: Single mom in real life, with 3 kids – one presumed straight, one fluidic, one furry.  All of them drive me crazy. Also in the house is one hamster, four guinea pigs, and one beta.
  • Owner of: 2 submissives on SL, one was recently released to a happy partnering.
  • Is a PC and a Linux.  *jedi hand wave* We do not discuss the iBrand. That is not an iPhone in my hand.
  • BDSM Status: Switch.  Playful Brat. Little. Domme. Sub. Dollie. Toy.
  • Turn on: Endorphin flushes, aural, trancing, kindness, kinky, and geeky minds.
  • Turn offs: Abandonment