Make a Joyful Noise!

Originally published on October 5, 2016

Every time I DJ, I know that in my audience someone is singing along with the songs I’ve chosen.  Repeatedly, I hear from my audience that they are singing along, but don’t want anyone to hear them because their singing is atrocious.

There was one owner who would flip his mic on and sing along to the Spanish songs I played for him.  He loved that I cheered him on.  He made me laugh with his enthusiasm and his thrill of singing to the women around him.  When he sang to me, I would almost swoon if Ezee wasn’t there to catch me.

“Sing along,” I always tell them, “cause it’s said we should make a joyful noise.  There’s nothing that says we should all sing on key.”

 What my audience doesn’t realize is that behind my keyboard and monitor, while they are listening to the music I provide for them, I’m singing and dancing along.  As the song moves me, so too does my body and I dance to the music, singing along in my cracking voice.

 So, sing on!

Dj so hot - she's on fire!Speaking about my voice, it is not easy to dj to a live audience that really wants to hear my smexiness when I have laryngitis.

Currently playing at the Old Guard for Spirits and Chains night.  I’m dressed as the spirit of fire – which can never truly be chained.

Skin: Lumae’s Adore in Peach – Cherry Pie

Hair: Analog Dog’s Love in dark brown (with heliotrope highlights)

Body: Maitreya

Dress: Ghee’s Elemental Fire


Yes, that’s a coffin and a baby bottle in the background.  Coyote’s a week from having Ezee’s baby.  I’m due “today” with triplets.  I call it “elfin magic” that I’m not showing.  The Old Guard is decorated with ghosts and ghoulies.  Derender is my friend.

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