Bound Box # 2

The Bound Box Dropped!!!
Party time!

Woot! I was at the party until Spitfire dragged me home for a private fashion show.  She’s at the bottom right, I’m in the cage top right.  She sat through the first couple of outfits and approved two, and meh’ed one.  I agree with her.

#1: Luas Shibari HarnessShibari Harness

I like shibari. So does Spitfire.

Nuff said about Luas.

Narcisse Domme Dress
Domme Dress

This one was the kinda meh one that both Spitfire and I shrugged about.  There’s no autohide, and I’m not sure I can modify it, and although the hud gives plenty of options, it doesn’t speak to me.  I think I’ll save it for naughty employee rp.

Opum’s Addiction in Rose.
Moar Harness!!!
This one came in multiple colours – black, brown, mind, rose and white. I think I’ll unpack the black and white ones later.  Mint and brown don’t appeal to me.  Spitfire loves pink and approves of this one. Me? Not so much. #pinkhate

Spitfire had to go back to real life, so I was then tasked with unboxing the rest of the new toys.

Salt and Pepper Jill
Latex Dress
One again, Salt and Pepper have rocked my world! Salt is an amazing designer. Three different versions of the dress – opague, sheer and materials, and an amazing hud.

Wicca’s Wardrobe Vixen Set
Cuteness abounds
Cute little set. I love Wicca’s Wardobe in general and this one is going into the “master bait” section of my inventory. I think I’ll wear the bra and thong the next time I DJ at the mansion – after Hallowe’en. Best part? It comes with two versions of the collar – an OC 6, and a show version.

Cynful Shameless

Delicate chains
I could not get in close enough to show the delicate little chains. Another win!

Enfant Terrible’s Locked Heart Chastity Belt
Lock me up, please, Spifi!
This is the one I was drooling over on the previews. It is a chastity belt and skirt.  Look at that hud!  I’m going have lots of fun playing with this one!

Spellbound’s Babygirl Bundle

Hair and Mask!

Spellbound did marvelous work on the mask, and the hair is adorably cute too.  Lots of options on the two huds, and they are two separate pieces, so you can wear the hair without the mask or the mask without the hair.  I think the mask is going to get a lot of use.

Essenz – Togo Heels

High heels!

Cute pair of heels.  Of the two pairs of shoes in the lot, I like these one the most.  Hud with lots of options

Moda Dakota Heels


I’m not really one for platforms, but they look cute.  Lots of options with this hud.

And finally…

Dictatorshop’s bound box item didn’t go through.  Something’s wrong with the asset servers.  So that will have to wait another day!  I can wait.  Dictatorshop’s one of my DJ sponsors and I got given a preview of what the item is.

Eta: After an hour wait, here it is:
Dictatorshop Bound Box ride em cowgirl!
I want to show all the fun things to do with this little bench, but that would mean tons of pictures. I got a preview of it about three weeks ago, and it wasn’t even done then. Dee’s outdone herself.

And before I forget – Axix’s Beloved Nocturnia Gag
Rose bit gag
Not really one for gags in real life, but this looks a lot like something someone would wear for bit training.  Beautiful detail with the roses, too.

That’s Bound Box no 2!

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