Bound Box 4

Bound Box 4 dropped.

First off – Una.
This is the solid version of the dress in yellow and purple.

The Transparent version.

Valentina E. Agent Procateur in purple. Ireally like that the maker added in the maitreya autohide. Makes things loads easier.

Moda Ballet Boots. I was really looking forward to these. I am not dissapointed at all. Huge hud with a ton of choices. I’m going to be playing with these a lot!

Spellbound – Nightcall. I really like this fall of hair. I think I’ll keep it on for a while. ^.^

I was wrong. The next box I opened was Analog Dog’s “Doggy Style” Alpha. Yes, it does come with a set of pose balls for just such an amusement. I really like how long it is, and it’s almost like my real hair.

I actually can’t decide if I like Nightfall or Alpha better.
Lana – Violet Latex Set. Okay, so latex isn’t my thing, but I know Spitfire’s going to go gaga over this. This is just up her alley. I didn’t put on the mask that also came with it. If this had the maitreya autohide script, it would be perfect!

Narcisse’s Keely harness. Yummy.

Essenz – Cassablanca and Wicca’s Wardrobe – Karen Outfit. Both have nicely huge huds. Spitfire’s going to love the pink option for the outfit.

Violetility – Libertine Lounger. It has a lot of options. Don’t I look like a queen?

Axix – Tomoe’s Ofuda and bodysuit. Not sure if I like this. One meh in a box is not that big a deal.

Dictatorshop – Boudoir Stool. This is going to go into my skybox. It’s tooooo cute not too. Packed full of animationes – F/M, M/F, F/F, M/M… Oh yes… it will be mine to use!

Once again, Bound Box gets 2 thumbs up from me.  Will buy again!

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