For the first time in ages, I did not have to cook for a small army. Yes, I know I got given Christmas meals the last few years from a sponsorship, but I used to have to do the shop and help cook the meal. We always shared it too. My ex also used to … Continue reading Christmas


Spread your tiny wings and fly away I catnapped on the flight after taking some more video for tik toks to be made later once I landed. I knew I wouldn't have any cel service while in the air, and I was tired. I couldn't sleep on the puddlejumper because I was nervous, scared, excited, … Continue reading Snowbird


Rawr! Dancers! On Saturday the 24th, Jay Sparrowtree from the Whip dropped a comment in staff chat that to both myself and my uncle, Black Ort, took to mean that Black Ort's Master's Round Table was being moved to something called Gorfest for the day. We literally looked at each other and said "what's Gorfest? … Continue reading Gorfest