Six Months

It's been over six months since my last post. I haven't had much to say. Or too much to stay, and unable to write down what I feel. December happened. And it blurred. Working long hours for the delivery company. Working just as long for Black Ort and the Whip and the Gorean University. Then … Continue reading Six Months

Brake Check

Last night, I got to a delivery and dragged a Christmas tree from my car and I delivered it to the recipient, and spend the next hour shaking. I haven't been able to get my blood sugar up all day. I blame that on feminine issues, and on having to use too much brain power … Continue reading Brake Check


Spitfire has been announcing over the various places we inhabit online that we're over. I have to sit back and look at the last few months... Both of us have had our mental health upsets. For her, a tentative diagnosis of autism is leading her to a potential treatment. For me, after waiting for a … Continue reading Over…


I both love and hate my job. I love meeting people. I love driving fast. I love being able to make people happy. What I don't like is three fold: other drivers who have given me very bad advice, one of the dispatchers (and I'm just another on a list of drivers with issues with … Continue reading incelluar