Bound Box Opening

I got shooed from the Salt & Pepper and the Birdcage sim about twenty minutes ago.  They’re going through a sim reboot to prepare for the Bound Box’s second box ever.  So I’m sitting at the YMO temporary lounge while it’s going through a reboot, petting Michona, Spitfire’s cat, or as I like to call him, my other dom.  The cat pushes me all over the sim!  Then again, he pushes everyone and is the little dom.

Petting Michona at YMO

I’m wearing from the first Bound Box, Luas’ Odette.  I have not stopped wearing the little skirt and bra top since I got it.  It’s adorable.  Normally, I wear it in black and purple, but I used the hud to turn it black and pink.  My hair is from Analog Dog – Mistletoe.  I like mesh hair, but prefer hair with a bit of movement for when I’m dancing.  I’m wearing Lumae’s Eirtaie Solaris with matching elfin ears, cause I’m an elf.  My tattoos are from Para Designs, and are supposed to represent the coming together of Spitfire and I.

Starting from my head, even though you can’t see it, I’m wearing a set of Inkheart’s eyes. No, I don’t have a mesh head yet.  AII Creations’ Arcade Exclusive egosumaii dragon is around my neck.  I love that little white dragon.  Around my waist is the Wicca thong by Muka.

On my legs, I am wearing Astralia’s Mystery Release.  Thigh high socks with a hallowe’en motif of spiders.  Lastly, on my feet, are Hilly Haalan’s Buffy Halloween Tip Toes shoes from last year.

So, I’m sitting at YMO, and waiting to go to the Bound Box’s opening party.  The all clear is given just as Spitfire gets up.  I dart off to the S&P sim, cause I’m not going to miss this fun!  I loved the Bound box when I opened it last time.  This time, all the tantalizing teasing previews have me salivating for the release.  Most of the Bound Box’s update group is salivating.

I can’t wait!


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