Bound Box 3!

Here I am, lounging in my sanctuary, waiting for the Bound Box to drop.

Yes, I am very pregnant in this. But, with the magic of SL, I can make the belly poof. Just wish that would happen in real life.  Ignore the arm going through the belly.

Anyway… On with the show…

Ooo… look who joined me… Spitfire! And I’m stuck doing this photo shoot on my back. Shuckeedarns. (yes, that is a cheshire cat grin on my face)

One thing I found with this version of the Bound Box, everything had lots of colour options.  That makes these items all worth the cost.

Salt & Pepper with Essenz

When I saw the teaser for these… Oh YESSSSS  Thigh high boots.  A cute Santa type outfit.  mmmmmmmm yes…. I likee.  Salt makes great stuff.  Combined with Essenz and We Have A Winnah!  DINGDINGDING!!!!

Wicca’s Wardrobe

Can’t really see it that well, but this is VERY sexy, and I do like the bows for nipple pasties.  Those will be used in other items of clothing.


When I saw this delightful little teaser, I was tickled and practically jumped up and down and told people to BUY THE BOUND BOX.

Analog Dog

Booo the mask isn’t separate.  YAY lots of colour choices.


Okay, another winner. I can use this for my doll outfits for the Galleria too. Win!

Mon Cheri

I’m winning all over the place tonight with my Bound Box.  Mon Cheri’s lingerie has tons of options – style, colour, even the pearls down my leg.  And an opaque version too.   WIN!


Merrow!  Me Likee!  Need to find a good pair of boots or shoes to go with it.


These little platforms are normally not my thing, but again, lots of hud options.


More lingerie.  Merrow.

Stockholm and Lima

When it said it wasn’t a ladder, they were right.  I won’t even go into the options.  That’s for later. Yes, I am giggling with glee.


This bed.  Single poses, doubles, triples, and lots of naughty poses.

Maybe time for a bed switch?

Once again, not just pleased with the bound box, but WOOHOO!!!!

The only disappointment – I have to wait a month to preorder the next one!

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