Just a few of the various RPs I can and do engage with in SL.

Princess io Intermenos of Moonshadow Rising is a honoured princess of a hybrid clan. She used to be Queen io Mooncheeks of the Drops of Jupiter, until she met Queen Jess Intermenos and negotiations began. She loves her family and is part of the clan’s angels, watching over all.

Iolanthae sa Hersius is an unbranded freed Gorean freewoman. Her skill in illumination, finding and making dyes, makes her invaluable to several guilds. She has no fear of sea-sleens and makes regular dives to harvest Gorean sea snails for their tyrian and indigo properties. She is guarded at all times by one very bored guard when out and about, so she does her best to make his life unboring simply by being a woman

iOjo – Hive Princess of the collective. This rp is more geared towards sim management and self-improvement than any actual RP. iOjo serves the drones and does her best to keep them safe. Information Obfuscatrix and entertainment coordinator for Wanderlust Gardens. As much a priestess of sensual delights as she is a guardian of consent. Handmaid to the queens and empresses.

We do all sorts of self-healing, self-improvement and self-discovery at Wanderlust Gardens. We are a neutral sim – no combat is allowed. Cuddles, love, and lust are very much wanted.

Kittlen or Laughing Song – Treecat. Except I don’t have a treecat avatar, but I do have a manticore one that I think is adorable. Laughing Song can also be represented by a couple of other avatars, but this one is my favorite.

io or Iolanthe. either an Abodean or Never Never elf. If Abodean, from after the loss of the Chief of Chiefs. Presumed to be from the united Four Tribes. Possibly a grandchild of some of the great magic users. Immortal elf.
As a Never Never elf, she’s a neutral fae, with neither Summer nor Winter allegience.