R2 Fashions

So, I opened my big mouth today.

“I guess you want a list of all my R2 outfits?”

“That sounds excellent, mine.  Make sure you include pictures.”


And yes, I do have blue skin now. I look like Spitfire’s ebil kid sister or something. I don’t know how long this will last, but I’m going to run with it for now.

Wow! 27 outfits!  I must really like R2!

As I get more outfits from R2, I’ll add them to this page.  If you want a fashionista blog about clothing, go somewhere else. This is more to give a certain domlyskirts choices.

Body: Maitreya
Head: LAQ Scarlet
Skin: Luma – Aurae
Ears: Lumae Leevi Short
Makeup: Stargazer Creations
Tattoos: “Rainbow Raver Stars” (SL has eaten my inventory)
3D Stars: glutz body stars
Hair: Analog Dog Misteltoe

The rest is all R2 A/D/E fashions

Akane Blue

Baila White

Hakuya Black

Hakuya Navy

Hakuya Sheer Jacket

Hakuya White

Haruka Silver – I don’t like the “head piece.  The rest is fine.

Hentai Fair unitard pink

Kachoo Pink

Yes, I’m back in my normal skin here.  Lumae’s Eirtae Dolce or one of the other variants of a “natural” skin tone with Eirtae.
Kachoo White

Kagura Purple

Kanna Silver

Koharu Blue – the gloves aren’t bento, so I should actually be wearing my non-bento hands.

Kozue Black – another set of non-bento gloves? hmmm

Kurara Blue

Kurara White

Kyo Black

Miyuki White (with group gift of white glasses)

Seika Black

Shikura Gold

Shou Liquid Purple

Shun Sheer

Syaku Navy – I really don’t like those collars/headgear.  Why did I buy it? Oh right – in case I have to RP space suit girl.

Yayoi Pink

Yayoi Pink 2

Yayoi Sheer – nothing to hide here. Might as well be naked.

Yayoi Silver 2

Yuki silver and black

Yuri Purple

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