Warning: Kittlens at play

I am going to be amalgamating several dozen other places where I post, in order to put everything in one place.  Many of the posts are going to be adult oriented, so think of this as your warning.  We'll see where we go from here.  Maybe, I'll even be able to buy a domain.  This … Continue reading Warning: Kittlens at play

Life goes on

Ici DJ io I'm still here. Still djing. On Sundays is my "oh sheeeet" day. Black Ort is finally doing his show again, and we have a contest almost every week,. Almost. Between 6 and 7 pm SLT/PST, there is "guess the musical theme." I have done themes like animals, a specific person, the group … Continue reading Life goes on


Rawr! Dancers! On Saturday the 24th, Jay Sparrowtree from the Whip dropped a comment in staff chat that to both myself and my uncle, Black Ort, took to mean that Black Ort's Master's Round Table was being moved to something called Gorfest for the day. We literally looked at each other and said "what's Gorfest? … Continue reading Gorfest