DJ io


I’ve been in Second Life for several years. My avatar is over 10 years old and I took a several year break before coming back. I will always play requests – if I can find them. I do voiceovers, so long as my kids are not committing acts of kiddie warfare upon each other.

I am comfortable djing at fetish and kink sims, and I enjoy playing to themes. I’ve played two sims, or more, at the same time, as was required by the circumstances.

In almost two years, I’ve never missed a shift by not showing up. I’ve always let the management know if I can’t make it. I’m Canadian and on SLT time.

I am thoroughly thrilled to be part of the Gorean Whip Radio with Ici Radio Fouette Mondiale!  My new bio for The Whip is currently here.


I currently have the following events I have to attend on a weekly basis:

  • 7-9pm, hanging out with Black Ort and his Master’s Roundtable.
  • 9-11pm PST or later Sunday on the World Wide Whip Radio!

Anything else is negotiable. Please drop a notecard on my head if you’re in Second Life.

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