Continuing On

I had two job interviews this week.  One has gotten back to me, and they went with someone else.  That's fine. I couldn't afford to buy the clothing they would want me to wear in their job.  The other one is a union job, and the second interviewer's eyes went wide with my tickets as … Continue reading Continuing On

One Step

As I type this, my hand hurts. Loads. I had jammed my finger when I was taking a course in a trade, and it hurts like a dickens still, but of course, that was yesterday. See, I found a place that was offering for their clients, and in-house staff, forklift training for a literal song.  … Continue reading One Step


I fill out forms and more forms and even more forms, as I drive myself into a tizzy.  The very needed certificate to prove I took a course years ago has been printed. With this tiny slip of paper, I am suddenly employable.'s been so long since I took the course and test, that … Continue reading Whoops