Minuette 01

A little twiddle I am working on. Just a tidbit to tease.


It starts during the first meeting, in the private hotel rooms…

“I see your pet is here, Phoenix,” I felt my master stiffen behind me.  His hand left my breast and rested on my hip. This new voice was familiar and sent shivers down my spine.  It was the deep voice of the head of the group we were both here for.

I could hear my master take several strides towards his owner.  I dared the worst, and turned my head to watch in the mirror. I saw my master fall to his knees the same way I should have when he had arrived in the room.  From where I was standing, watching the two of them in the mirror, my owner had shed the mantle of dominance, and was sitting in the position known to many as “nadu” or “ready to obey.”  His knees were spread open wide, his hands resting on his thighs, his weight cradled in the arch his feet made under his arse. He looked up at his owner, and awaited a command.

It had been difficult to be owned by someone who was owned.  There were times when I would lose my dominant to his need to be submissive and explore his genderfluidity.  That’s when I would be alone if he hadn’t given me instructions first. Watching the interactions between the two was fascinating from an outsider’s point of view.  Their interactions and guidance from both were welcome, because I did need it.

My master’s owner was a professional bearded lady drag queen, Anahita.  She had a long, beard that came to a point about midway down to her bellybutton.  The dress she wore was extravagant and very Klingeresque. It accented her form in a sexy androgynous fashion, gliding off her hips, and highlighted her massive tool that thousands of people had come to see, yet was covered by her dress.

This was the person we had all come to see, the very reason why this convention was happening.  My owner and I were both headliners here for the dance parties that were happening over the next several days, but here, in this room, was the real reason so many people had paid thousands of dollars in hotel fees, transportation, and the outrageous registration fees.  It was two days before the event officially opened, and, if I closed my eyes, I could sense the parties already happening through the bass line thumping through the building.

More than parties.  I could almost feel the couples, triads, and more, exploring their sensuality before the big day.  We would start with pre-event activities in the morning.

“You may relax, Minuette,” Anahita told me, as she instructed my master to follow her out the door.  “You will have a busy day tomorrow. Tonight, Phoenix will spend with me.”

Without another word, they were gone, and I was alone.

I was alone.

I fell to my knees and sobbed.

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