Runned Over

So, things are progressing over on the Whip.  I wish that I could turn what I’m doing into a real life paycheque.  It looks good on my resume though.

Anyway, Jay Sparrowtree, owner of the Whip, has decided to do a complete and total revamp of the site.  That means he needed help.  So I volunteered.  After all, I used to build webpages in pico after telnetting over from my isp while on dialup.

I’m hearing modem connection sounds now.  I bet you are too if you were online during the modem age.

So, since he’s using WordPress as the backbone, and it’s a professional site, unlike this one (at the moment, anyway), that means I get to play with some of the plugins Jay’s added.  Some are easy to play with, some are finicky and a pita.

The biggest pita though?  Chasing down people from the Whip to get them to update their biographies!  Although, if they give me free reign to edit and fix them, I do my best to make them look nice.

If and when we get the new site up and running, it’ll also mean we’ll be able to blog events and more.  Technically, it is up and running and live, but it isn’t the current site.

I had to replace my ipad.  It got cracked due to a stumble about 5 months ago, and I finally got around to contacting the local Apple techs to get it replaced.  Yay. kinda.  Now, I can finally start to work on stuff I’ve wanted to work on for ages – like Procreate with my Apple Pencil.

I applied at this one place for a job and actually got a job offer. I was stoked. I was cheery. I was happy.

I knew it wasn’t going to last.

The wasband threatened me and the children with child services if I didn’t comply with something he wanted right then and there.  No ifs ands or buts. I had to obey him or else.  In doing the research for what he wanted, even if I agreed (I don’t – family medical history comes into play here), I couldn’t do it because the health department can’t make arrangements for it for at least a month or two.

The threat affected the job offer.

See, it was to work at the same location he works at.  When we were cordial, I could potentially work there. Then he made the threat towards me and the children.  Two of the kids are not amused.  He is now using “court ordered visitation” to force the kids to visit him – except the judge in January said that neither of us could force the children to visit him!

I had to go to the person who offered me the job and explain why I couldn’t take it even though I wanted it and needed it.  I had to explain that my husband threatened me and that would make the jobplace a “hostile work environment” and that wouldn’t be fair to the other employees.  Even if we had completely different shifts, even if there was a buffer between our start and stop times, the chance of us running into each other and causing drama would be far too much.

So, while I fall back into “procurement driver” I will keep on job searching.

It didn’t help that the crystal that I wear that Spitfire sent me a couple of months ago went missing for several days and I was stressed out and in tears over it.

I felt naked without the crystal. Completely naked.

On top of that, I ended up on antibiotics AND antivirals. I picked up something from somewhere and my right arm is still partially numb from the swelling and more I had.  My wound on my leg is getting worse, and try as I might, I can’t seem to keep to a carb-low diet.  Too many yummy things all over the place!

But I carry on.

Teaser for ya’ll

“Please, master?”

“Please what, mine?”  The movement stopped.

“Please play with me, master.  Make me sing out like a musical instrument.”

“That’s my doll,” he growled in my ear.  The fingers started to move in and I squirmed.  I felt his probe move to aim towards my slit. “Beg for me, mine.  Tell master what you want.”

The hand stopped moving again, and I tried to steady my breathing.  “Your cock, master. I need your cock. In me. Please, master.”

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