Second Life Avatar Challenge

Spitfire posted her Second Life Avatar Challenge, and I had to answer.

I enjoy Strawberry Singh too, and have bought several of her items off the marketplace.  Spitfire’s evolution has been a change from the beginning of when she joined SL.  Mine’s been more subtle.  I’m still not sure if I should get rid of the ponytail I got back in 2008.

Spitfire also has about 60,000 less items in her inventory than I do.  That’s what happens when you are 11 years old, have builder friends, and, yes, a love of gacha, much to Spitfire’s chagrin.

I digress.

I like being a fashion doll.  I will change up my avatar’s clothing and hair to whatever I desire.  I generally keep the hair dark with purple bits.  The skin a human style skin.  Not quite ghostly pale, but light in colour.

I had originally designed my avatar after the Elves of Elfquest, not the Elves of Middle Earth or the Vulcans/Romulans, or other variants.  As Elfquest evolved, so too did my avatar, but not in major jumps such as what Spitfire went through, but little things.  If there was an Elfquest group, I’d probably be playing a post-Cutter elf, that has revealed herself to the humans around her. Probably immortal, or at least very long lived, Wolfrider with some Sunfolk descent, not necesarily through the chief’s line.  I’m thinking Tyleet’s line, if she, Scouter, and Dewshine had a third cub after Windkin, and Pool.  Or maybe Chief’s line through the third, and unnamed child of Leetah and Cutter, with maybe some Glider thrown in for good measure.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Go read

She could also be one of the many races that the Ovanans had run into during their conquest of the universe.  Not sure what I’m talking about there?  Then read A Distant Soil.  Both Colleen Doran and Wendy Pini were artists I loved to emulate when I was a kid.

Anyway, sometimes I wear eyes that are based off Spitfire and I dancing one day at You Must Dance.  Other times, gacha eyes, or eyes from a midnight madness, or even blind eyes.  My hairs tend to be from Truth, Doe, or some other hair creator.  I tend to like Doe, except the colours I like using are generally the “rare” ones in the gachas.  Truth’s monthly hairs are pretty good.  I also like Analog Dog and other hair makers, and have way too much.

Even after purging a bunch of stuff this past weekend, I’m still over 90,000 items.  Where are all these random items hiding?

Anyway, this is my avatar…

avatar challenge 2019
io chilling on a swing

I took this picture in a part of Wonderlust Gardens, our second home in SL.  Or at least, part of our homes in Secondlife.  Spitfire and I both have linden homes.  I have my home above my adoptive mother’s shop, and Spitfire has her land over on the Azure Islands.  This one is where I spend most of my time at, because the others are all private sanctuaries.

  • Outfit – Pretty Kitty Designs “Robotics” with headphones. The “Arctic” feature means the clothing will cycle through colours.  Kinda nice when you want to be a cybernetic being.
  • Hair: Doe: Gin – Candy
  • Head: LAQ Neve 3.05.  I have three LAQ heads – Neve, Scarlet and Poppy.
  • Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Ears: Soul Uni Ears Elf Nub
  • Eyes: Mesh – Anatomy Void Mage eyes. System Avatar: Plastik Kitsune Spirit Eyes
  • Chest Ornamentation: Plastik Fraia Chest Jewels. I modified them so they emit a pulse to use as part of rp.
  • Skin: Probably Plastik Kitsune Spirit skin. System Skin: Fallen Gods and Eden Opalfae
  • Collar: Salt and Pepper Her Toy. Worn but not visible
  • Tattoo: Specially made for me by Jay Sparrowtree of the Whip
  • Shape: Modified Neve. I started with that shape, put my head on it, and kept on modifying.  I prefer small breasts because I have huge ones in real life.
  • AO: Tuty’s Bento Candy Doll with personal modifications

I plan on changing my tattoos to circuitry a la “Golden Gypsy.”  That will take some time.

Spitfire prefers tight fitting clothes. I prefer cute clothes, or clothes that flow with my avatar. I can’t dance like I used to in real life, so I like that my avatar can dance for me, so I used to put her in primmy silks.  Now, since the “avatar complexity” can be seen, I try to keep my avatar down to under 100,000 complexity, preferably not more than 60,000.  Mesh makes keeping the complexity down so much easier, but I haven’t found any mesh clothing that flows like flexi prims.

Dancing Girl

At least, not yet.

Sleeping io, the manticore(treecat!)

This is also my avatar.

Cheep Cheep

So is this cute little birdy.  I twat I taw a puddy tat.

My point is, my avatar changes. I can be cute and elfin, or a bird, or a fox, or a ferret, or a kitten, or a manticore(*cough*treecat), or anything I want to be in Second Life.  I am not stuck with being a humanoid.

I can even be Spitfire’s ebil lil sis.

Spitfire’s Ebil Lil Sis

Or a Possat. Or an amethyst statue.  Or anything else I want to be.

Hey. man… wanna get stoned?

I just wish I could figure out how to mod my avatar to have 6 limbs. I’d be a treecat in a heartbeat!

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