The Little Rover That Did

We all heard about what happened to the little rover that did.  Opportunity took a 90 day mission and turned it into 15 years of discovery and wonder.

I did three sets that week about the rover.  The first one was at Bouddicea, but was more directed towards science fiction in general, not the little rover in specific.

However, at the CFNM Mansion, I did the first of two actual sets about little Oppy.

Oppy gave us a look at another world.

My CFNM Mansion set can be found here hosted here, by Spitfire.

During that set, someone who works at one of the Nasa subsidiaries started to talk to me about his experiences.  I can’t say what all was discussed, but he promised to share my sets with his teams.

So, that night, I did my Whip Set after Black Ort.

I don’t really have much else to say today, other than, thank you, Oppy.

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