The Old Guard

"I have a task for you, and I plan on doing it too," Spitfire speaks to me just before going to bed for her night. "I will be doing this too.  Blog about the Old Guard." I baulk.  She gives me the same assignment the next day. And the next. And the next. "I am … Continue reading The Old Guard

Soaking 2

I barely touched some of the stuff going on while Spitfire was unable to be Spitfire.  It's my turn to soak a shoulder or two. See, all of a sudden, I got slammed with a bunch of real life stuff, but nothing like what she was going through. One of my teeth lost a shard. … Continue reading Soaking 2


There's been at least two ways Spitfire has emotionally soaked me.  The first way was through their gentle dominance, when she was establishing who was boss.  I got my emotional arse drenched by what she did.  No, she didn't fill my cup, she dunked me in a pool. That feeling is still pretty fresh in … Continue reading Soaking

Caged 2

(Please note: I may or may not be quoting Spitfire verbatum. It's my understanding of what she said to me that is in this post.) Blue arms pull me away from the sissy's lap I'm sitting on.  I cry out in frustration and surprise, especially at her strength.  She is a gynoid after all - … Continue reading Caged 2