A couple of months ago, I entered an erotica contest about the We-vibe.  I have several of them.  The one I love the most is a beyatch to recharge.  The one that can connect via Bluetooth to my phone and across the net to a partner’s phone has gone missing.

I haven’t heard word 1 about where I stand in the contest.  I entered with plenty of time to spare.  Maybe, because I’m not local to where the contest was being held, I didn’t qualify or some stupid shtick like that.

ETA: I don’t even know if they got it or what. The winners and all were mentioned.  Well, this was fun to do as an excercise in simple erotica. 900 words and I’ve barely started most other times.

Here it is, for your enjoyment.


“Come for me, mines,” his voice was soft in my ear as I felt the buzzing between my legs intensify.  He was playing with the app I had shown him.  The app that was connected over the internet to the little u-shaped device nestled firmly against my clit and gspot. I squirmed as he watched me from eight time zones away.

“I can’t,” I pleaded, wanting to give him my orgasm.  I wanted him to hear the little squeaks and other sounds I made, and I knew he was enjoying teasing me from afar.

“You will cum for me now,”

So, I did.

I remember the day we met in that virtual reality world. I was an elf, because I was always an elf.  He strode up to me in his alien avatar and I nearly laughed him away.

Then he started speaking over the voice chat, and that foreign accent of his made my heart skip a beat.  He was very English, to my rougher Canadian born ears, and I loved it.

For weeks I would spend all the time I could listening to his voice. His London drawl would entrance me, and send me into a fugue state.  Time would pass without me, and the stresses of the day would vanish.

It wasn’t long before we spent hours on long video calls — twice a day. During my morning, after the kids were tucked away at school, and then in his morning, once my kids were asleep.

How shocked was I on the day he claimed me as his.

“Mine,” he would say to me, taking me off to a quiet corner.  His avatar kissed mine, and I could feel the kiss from eight time zones away.  “You are mind to love, and it takes a strong person to fall to their knees for one such as I.”

I did.  I wanted to fall to my knees. I wanted to rest my head on his lap.  I wanted to sit at his feet.  This virtual world would be all that we would have, and it was almost enough.

“What is it, mine?” his voice was a purr in my ears, and his words on the screen soothing to see.

“I want to meet you, and actually touch you,” I said, waiting for his reply.

“I know you do,” his reply flashed at me.  “Expect a parcel in a few days.”

“What’s in it?” I asked, curious.

“A present, for both of us.”

A few days later, it showed up on my doorstep.  I brought the small box inside and opened it.  He had told me to follow the instructions, and that they would make sense.

“You spent way too much on me!” I texted him, in shock, as I went through the invoice.  I sat on my couch and worked my way through the packaging to find the manual and the device inside.

“Happy birthday,” he texted back.

“It’s not my birthday,” I replied, even as I continued to dig through the box, looking at all the parts.  It had a charger base, a USB capable cord, a cover, a small remote; but the device itself was strange.  I’ve had vibrators and toys before, but this thing was U-shaped, and strange looking.  I flipped through the manual while awaiting for his reply.

“It’s somebody’s birthday.  So. Let’s celebrate!”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “It is still going to be hours before you’re online.”

“You rolled your eyes, didn’t you?” he sent back to me, and then continued, “I will be there tonight.  You haven’t set it up to charge yet?  That’s a paddlin’.”

I giggled and got to work reading through the manual.  It had an application to download, so I put everything together.  I plugged it into my computer to charge, put the cover on, and sat back down on my couch to set the application up.

It was nearly midnight when he contacted me again.  “Mine, did you do what I said?”

“Yes,” I typed back, as my avatar joined his on the chair.  We curled up together as he emoted to me.  I purred happily in reply.

Written words always drew more enjoyment from me than what our avatars did.  We sat, listening to a discussion on human sexuality as we both did our normal cruises through several websites we both frequented.  I danced through our mutual fetish sites, laughing at some of the comments about a story I wrote. I found his comments and reinforced them, adding my own while we waited for the discussion to end.

“Home, mine.”

Two words.  A simple command. I sent my avatar to his home, and waited at the zen garden there.  It was my favourite place in all of the virtual world I had explored.

His words finally flashed on the screen at me.  “You have it, and the app? Correct, mine?”

“Yes,” I replied, as his avatar joined me in a cuddle.

“Good, mine, send me an invite.”

I did, following his instructions.  I got lube and the new toy out, turned it on first, and then slid it in.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, but the new feeling would take some getting used to.

“It’s nestled inside of you?” he asked.  We were on voice by then, and I was already moaning in reaction to the tingle it was giving me.

“Yes,” I purred.

“Good.”  He was quiet for a moment, and suddenly I felt the vibrations change.  It was cascading over me as if it was the waves and I was a beach.  I gripped my desk edge and moaned.  He chuckled, and I felt it change again.  The jolt was intense.  “Breathe for me, and don’t cum.”

I moaned a, “Yes,” and he kept on playing with the toy, finally settling down on a rhythm that was driving me wild.

“Oh, I like this one,” he chuckled, paused, and let me rise to a crescendo that I couldn’t hold back. “Oh yes, my love, this will do.  I might not ever be able to actually touch you, but with technology, you will cum for me when I want you to.”

So, I did. Every time he commanded it.

For a certain someone because reasons.

Thank you to the pones and drones, my virtual buddies

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