The Castaway

Yes, there are elven ears in some of these photos, and human ones.  Ignore that. Enjoy the twiddle. The young female watched the ebb and flow of the water, mesmerized by the waves lapping on the shore. She had been found a few days earlier, barely alive, holding onto the rocks as the dawn broke. … Continue reading The Castaway

Caged 2

(Please note: I may or may not be quoting Spitfire verbatum. It's my understanding of what she said to me that is in this post.) Blue arms pull me away from the sissy's lap I'm sitting on.  I cry out in frustration and surprise, especially at her strength.  She is a gynoid after all - … Continue reading Caged 2


"you write good smut, mine," she tells me after reading something I was twiddling over. "I'd like to see more. It's made me wiggly." I groan. Smut sometimes is easy to write, but not always. Is this even any good? "You are filled with vampire venom,” Spitfire told me as I laid naked on the … Continue reading Smut