Ponderings 3

"Who is he who you call daddy?" I hear the why in the question and I let my mind fly back to a bad night about three years ago.  I had been fired from my "job" (it was a scam) and this one man at a cabaret I was working in had taken an interest … Continue reading Ponderings 3


I lie on my back on the floor, my legs between the sissy's legs, as my toes play with her cage.  Every tap I do with my toes, she moans.  Every movement I do, every stroke. Everything.  She moans and whines. "Puh--please, Miss, let me cum." "Who does this little sissy caged clitty belong to?" … Continue reading Caged


Originally written back in the summer, I have no clue why it never got published anywhere.  Maybe it is, and I've misplaced it. Anyway... Early on, Spitfire and I were talking... “I want you to write about your submissive needs,” domlyskirts tells me over several days. I’m not putting words in her mouth, I’m writing … Continue reading Needs

A Lesson Learned: or How to Spank Naughty Kittlens

Originally posted in September on another site that doesn’t keep dates of when things were posted. Playing catch up. Dominance and submission are twin gifts that can’t be given lightly. They are a yin and yang, a dance of partnership. A delicate dance indeed. I have far more experience, in general, of being a dominant, … Continue reading A Lesson Learned: or How to Spank Naughty Kittlens