Last Friday Night

Kittlens at play

Spitfire and I had gone to a discussion over at P3, and she and I participated in the “Owned” discussion there.  Her words are lost to the ether, because she used voice, and I couldn’t because I had three little chaos bringers bouncing around.  I had headphones on and Spitfire was my voice.  Her blog has what I said.

I sent her to bed with a kiss that night.

Then, at about 9 pm, I started up an unofficial set at the YMO Galleria and rocked the house down.  Sometime about then, I opened a group I hadn’t really been a part of for a while, because I wanted to have a chat with a friend I know from SL – Irish Breen.  She has been a broadcaster and more for the Gorean Whip Radio for years and we had hit it off from the moment we met each other, who knows how long ago that was.

First words out of her mouth, I swear, were, “so, when are you going to come work for me?”

Next thing you knew, she was listening to a broadcast of mine that Spitfire had recorded when I was at Xaara about two weeks ago during Western night.

“Okay, fill out this paperwork.  Take a look at the schedule.  We’re making this official.”

“But I haven’t even auditioned yet!”

“What are you doing right now?”

“Djing at my home sim.”

“What’s your stream?”

So I handed her my stream and she listened in.

And in about 3 hours – I stream for the first time!
Anyway… I was buzzing from the event and being my normal little treecat self, trying to get Spitfire up when she should have gotten up, but wasn’t, cause it’s Saturday for her by then and no amount of my bouncing across her discord screen would get her up.

She finally did, and I went straight to voice.

And I told her what happened.

And I dragged her with me to meet Irish and other staff.

AND… She’s thinking about signing up too!

Spitfire and I talked about this tonight – she’s a lucky dominant. She gets to go to sleep with my music still in her ears, and she gets to wake up to more.

Meanwhile, I’m shaking like a leaf, trying to get everything set up….

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