The Plug Incident

Originally written over a year ago. This is a TRUE event.  It did actually happen.  If you can’t laugh at yourself… Adult content warning.

“Hunny, I gotta take you to the hospital…”

That’s a show stopper right there.

See, my husband and I were engaged in maritals and he and I like to spice things up. He had made me cum several times already with the hitachi and decided to kick things up a notch.

That’s where the fun happened…

See… he used the vibrating butt plug we have and that’s more like a finger in my ass. I asked for the tempered glass one.

The tempered glass one that Fucking Owns My Ass. It looks like a pawn from a chess set and it literally owns my ass.

I groan and fight to get it in and it seats itself nicely, and just by it’s presence, I start to cum.

The husband mounts me and rides me like the ponygirl he wishes I was, when all of a sudden, he stops and starts feeling around my ass. Then he hops off me, starts to pat the bed and is in a full panic.

“Is the butt plug still in you? I can’t find it?”

He lubes up a finger and slides it in me…

“OH FUCK IT IS! I gotta take you to the hospital! Now!!”

I’m subspacey and listen to him ranting and freaking out. He’s reached in a couple of times by then and is freaking out more and more. “I can’t get it out!!! I gotta take you to the hospital!”

“If you do, you have to explain what happened cause I’m not.” I’m floating in subspace and still having orgasms.

“Yes. Whatever I have to do. Shit. Hospital.”

He’s in a full panic. I’m floating and happy still, but I know I’m in trouble.

Somehow, I fold up a towel and place it on the floor of the bathroom. I get into a full squat and start to push. I feel his fingers up inside me again and something hurts and I cry out.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Husband is still at my side, still freaking out.

Did I snarl at him? I don’t remember. All I do remember was that there was a ton of pain and suddenly I could feel it move down and out. It got stuck past the flange and I pushed again and heard a satisfactory “plop.”

“You got it out!!” He was doing clean up within seconds. I slowly move to standing then out to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed for a bit while he continued to rant.

A bit later… I get on skype and tell sir.

“Are you okay? What happened?” So I tell him. And he starts to chuckle, but the looks of concern on his face.

I’m still subspacey.. maybe I should get off writing this and let him play with me with his words and voice?

mmmm there’s a thought…


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