Sunday Night or Friday Night Part Deux



Dressed as a freewoman in red and white, with my dragons, Doré and Bleu, and firelizard, Falmia, I started with a song.  I had spent about twenty minutes of the last hour before conditioning with a “calm” binaural to mostly stop my shaking.  Then my voice over happened.  I was shaking like a leaf again.  I lowered the background levels, I muted my broadcaster, so I wouldn’t hear my own voice, which _always_ throws me off, and I took a deep breathe in and hit the button.

“Ici radio fouet!” I started.  Everywhere else I start with “Ici radio Mooncheeks” (this is Mooncheeks radio), but that wasn’t right for the Gorean Whip.  I had checked and “fouet” means “whip.”  So, what I’m trying to say is “this is Whip radio.”

Those initial words done and over with, and I went into my spheel.  Who I am.  That I’m new here to the Gorean Whip.  That this is my first time on the air with the Whip, and what song I’m playing next.  Then I let the button go, and did my dj magic, and let the broadcaster do its thing.


Irish Breen: You sound AWESOME!!!!
Irish Breen: Speak more french, lol
Irish Breen: its awesome

Unity showed up and the calm that passed over me set me up for the rest of the set.  3 and a half hours of (mostly) Canadian music.  Rejara, Penalt, and others showed up.   Some of Irish’s posse showed.

At some point, I decided to get changed out of the freewoman garb, because it was confining me.  I switched to one of the outfits I love wearing.


That’s when I let er rip!  That’s Unity in the foreground.  Irish in the red leg warmers, and I still have my dragons with me.  I love those dragons!

Irish Breen: and I am just jammin away. You all IO rocks. Just saying we have the BEST damn DJ’s and broacasters on the grid!!!!
io мooncнeeĸѕ: Still going strong here!
Irish Breen: Dj IO RAWKS you all!!!!!

Irish Breen: IO you rawk and I am so glad your here, thank you for your application, you are a huge asset

This is from someone who has been broadcasting on the Whip forever.  I was told that the managers of the Gor Hub loved me being there.  And that I should have applied to work there almost a year ago.

Except… a year ago… I was being emotionally strangled by a man who is now blaming everyone but himself for the stuff going wrong in his life.  Ten months ago, I fell on a slippery dock and nearly broke my back in three places, and the man I thought loved me from a distance, didn’t seem to care about me anymore.  I was dying inside and was nearly snuffed out.  I could barely sit up, or breathe, and somehow, I muddle through, and Spitfire was there as a shoulder the entire time, never judging, never forcing me to come to them, but always there for me when she was online.  Always a happy presence.  Always there with a smile.

I’m glad I’m no longer that one’s girl.  I’m Spitfire’s.  And Unity’s.  “Their child,” said Unity once to me.  Reforming me.  Remaking me.  Making me stronger.  In my mind maybe.  I hope my body joins in with the healing they’ve been having and doing.  Their combination of keeping my ember burning until Unity could supercharge it to a flame, has brought me back.

I still fight the void.  There are days when the pain is too much.

But not today!

Irish Breen: you know, you were always pro IO
Irish Breen: you just didnt realise it






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