The Old Guard

"I have a task for you, and I plan on doing it too," Spitfire speaks to me just before going to bed for her night. "I will be doing this too.  Blog about the Old Guard." I baulk.  She gives me the same assignment the next day. And the next. And the next. "I am … Continue reading The Old Guard

All About The Spitfire

So... Valentine's day was coming up, and I had been fighting icky lung crud for a couple of weeks and vertigo for at least three months, so that meant I wasn't able to get anything out to Spitfire in time so she'd have at least a card for me for Valentine's day.  Instead, I decided … Continue reading All About The Spitfire


It's official.  My vertigo is finally bad enough that my family doctor is sending me to a specialist.  I saw them last night at the extended hours clinic.  The worst part, was after doing the treatment to get rid of it, I was sat up on the exam stable, and nearly fainted right off of … Continue reading Spoiled