Making Mischief

Originally posted in July on another site that doesn’t keep dates of when things were posted. Playing catch up.

I decided to apply for a position as an Angel on a sim I enjoy visiting… Oops, I’m told there’s no switches tag. So, I’m still applying, because, why not. I enjoy the place. Some of the questions were amusing, but not in a “funny haha” way. More of a “hmm, must think further.” I submit the questions and answers here.

Have you been an (name of sim) for at least six weeks? I’ve been coming to the fountain for the better part of a year, with or without my dominant in tow. I enjoy being a fountain angel.

Sexual orientation in SL: Same as in real life – bisensual, but prefers my heart’s desire. Switch. Will sub on sims where submission is required, but not every moment.

Are you currently owned or collared? If so, by whom? Yes. (domlypants inserted here)*

Briefly summarize your Second Life D/s lifestyle experience. I’ve been a dancer, a stripper, a bondage bunny, a facilitator, and more. I am very comfortable DJing for BDSM events.

Briefly summarize your real life D/s lifestyle experience. bondage bunny, painslut, fiction writer (for friends, mainly), and more for over 20 years.

Answer these questions as concisely as possible.
What does submission mean to you? I can write an essay on this one question. In a way too short answer, it means to give of yourself so that both can benefit.

What benefits do you derive from submission to a dominant? This too can be a whole essay. “Mind Silence” is the dime-store answer.
Actually, I think I will write an essay on each of the previous questions on my fetlife.

List any non-fiction books you have read about D/s or BDSM.
“Screw the roses, send me the thorns”
“Conquer Me”
Two knotty boys, books one and two
Those are the four closest to me. I have more books in my bedroom, in storage, and have lost over the years. I have a kindle app with several more bdsm books

List any fictional books you have read with a D/s or BDSM theme.
Story of O
9 and 1/2 weeks
Exit to Eden
The short story that was the basis of “The Secretary”
Crossfire novels 3/5 books by Sylvia Day (my 4th book poofed!)
Other books on bdsm and erotica by Sylvia Day
The Secret 1/2 books (couldn’t really get into it)
Several romance novels from Amazon that are based on “babygirl/daddydom” dynamic (icky)
Several romance novels from Amazon that are based on the “captured slut” dynamic (meh)
Beauty Series by Anne Rice
Several of the Gor series
50 Shades of Grey 3/4 books – the 4th book is punitive reading. The first three make me want to burn them with glee. The fourth one should never have been published. “Let me show you Grey’s point of view.” Firstchapter, and he’s already a hard core stalker.

List any movies you have seen:
Story of O
9 and 1/2 weeks
Exit to Eden
The Secretary (best representation of BDSM so far, imo… why do I think I have another essay to write?)
50 Shades of Grey 1 and 2
One of the Gor movies (yuk! even for 1970’s campy movies, it was bad)
Bad porn videos
Instructional videos, especially where bdsm and pain relief are meshed. I find this subject fascinating.

List any web sites you have studied or been guided by that covers D/s or BDSM
I’m on Fetlife. I find it a good start for finding information on bdsm, but not the only resource out there. I don’t have my bookmarks to other sites anymore because they’ve gone the way of the wind, one way or another.

*footnote – domlypants/domlypanties is the nickname I gave my previous dominant.

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