I serve The Collective in several ways. As a statue, a DJ, a greeter, a dollie, and most importantly, I try to serve my mistress’ needs when she turns to me. “I belong to thee, whatever you need,” I purr in her ear.

“I need some sub time. I’m in neutral gear right now.” She has a neutral gear. I don’t. I walk a fine balance. I can actually be both dominant and submissive at the exact same moment. This was one of those.

“Do you need one of your sisters to take over?”

“The music is helping. Just play until you go to sleep.”

I think for a moment, and decide this wasn’t good enough. I retrieve a carefully saved file and grab the link. This will do.

“I don’t need to cum, mine,” she says, still purring in my ears. “I’m in neutral gear.”

“I’m going to push you to sub,” I tell my beloved. “Do you trust me?”

There is a pause. A heart beat? A hundred of them? “I trust you,” she says to me.

“I saved this for you,” I kiss her forehead, and hand her the link to the file. Her own mistress, Unity One’s own words, are given to her to help her. “Slide down, my love. I’ll be here.”

A minute… two… ten…

“Thank you, mine. I needed that.”

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