It’s official.  My vertigo is finally bad enough that my family doctor is sending me to a specialist.  I saw them last night at the extended hours clinic.  The worst part, was after doing the treatment to get rid of it, I was sat up on the exam stable, and nearly fainted right off of it.  I had a vertigo spell so bad, I had no clue what way was up.  That’s when my family doctor decided enough was enough.

During the exam, he saw that the spell lasted longer, it’s affecting my vision, and sleep.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do my YMO set on Friday, or my CFNM or Whip sets on Sunday unless I can shake this.  Yes, I have a humidifyer going, with eucalyptus, and trying to push liquids and self-caring and and and…

And this is what I get from Spitfire…


Totally spoiled.

She’s not in her body in either picture above, but has stayed logged in while she went to eat, so I could get the cuddles galore I need. I feel so sick, yet here she is, giving me all the loves I could ask for, and then some.


Thank you, Spifi.

Spitfire handed in our leave of absence request to Bryan.

About an hour after she had logged for the night, Bryan was in my inbox doing a WTF at me.  I couldn’t give him all the information he needed.

Then, after a long pause, the reply came.

We were fired.

We had both been hired for 500L/set. We were asked to waive the fee back in June/July while the bosses of the Old Guard figured out what’s what.  The math done, we figure every single DJ there is owed 10,000L minimum, some closer to 15,000L.

We each gave up 10,000L to support the Old Guard.  It would have been nice if the owners would show up to sets and tip the djs, but that didn’t happen more often than not.  If the owner did show up, we didn’t get tipped.  If the secondary land renter showed, sometimes they’d tip.  Back when the owner had a sub, she would tip if she was allowed to.

Do you know how disheartening it is to play to an empty sim week after week?  Or on a sim where the owners don’t even show a smidge of appreciation by making sure they tip you at least a token amount?  Other sims I’ve played at, the owners have always made sure I was tipped, anywhere from 200L to 1000L or more for a single set.  That wouldn’t be a single tip jar dump, but several tips during the set.  I’d like to thank every single owner who has done that for either of us.

When the firing message came back from Bryan, I felt dumped on.  I felt like a bin of trash had been dumped on my head.  I started with 1 shift a week there, went to 3 when two of the other sets of DJs up and quit on them, and burned myself out djing and more.  Now that I know exactly where we stand, I’m free.

Yes, we can still do sets there so long as the silver tier is payed for the Whip, and I still have guard dog status, if needed, but it could be a month or more before either of us DJ there, or any other Whip broadcaster does.  They got a bunch of sets done by Spitfire and I over the last couple of months, with a double broadcast just before Spitfire’s computer’s magic smoke poofed.

We’ll see what happens next…

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