All About The Spitfire

So… Valentine’s day was coming up, and I had been fighting icky lung crud for a couple of weeks and vertigo for at least three months, so that meant I wasn’t able to get anything out to Spitfire in time so she’d have at least a card for me for Valentine’s day.  Instead, I decided to do something super special for her.

I had a special set on the World Wide Whip, and normally, I play Canadian content, or try to, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do for Spitfire.  Not for Valentine’s day.

So, I started to dig in my archives, and found (almost) all the logs of our private chats from the moment we met, until Monday night when I was planning this little surprise for her.

The Whip had decided to take over a Really BIG as in at least 3, possibly 4 sims, cruise ship for their formal, but for all day long, they were taking over the ports of Gor and that was fun.  I had an idea and I was going to run with it.  So I dug through all the chats I could find, looking for what I wanted.










She met me when I was a recent hire as a dancer and asked if I wanted to dance at <Redacted>’s club.  I kinda said yes. I did check it out but got icky feels from it.  She showed up the next time I was dancing and she was awake and we kept on talking.  Then the next and the next.  She left <Redacted> and about the same time I started to dj for the same place I had been a dancer at.  Spitfire either had just joined You Must Obey, or was about to.

This is when Spitfire decided she loved me as a DJ and fangirled me.  She found out that I love playing filk and weird stuff, and nothing she has ever requested for me to play has ever made me think twice about playing it.  I played Leslie Fish’s “Ramboing,” and another SCA filker’s “SCA Driving Song,” and she was head over heals.

She showed up to every single one of my sets that she could get to.  I didn’t know it at the time, but since she was literally halfway around the world to me, it was a burden on her part to show up, so she really liked my music.

Spitfire’s computer went tits up at one point, and she apologized that she couldn’t make it to my set, so I gave her the stream.

When she was finally able to get back online with a fixed computer, she drowned my tip jar for going above and beyond for her.

We talked about our different submissive lives, our owners, our fears and more.  Spitfire was always there with a sympathetic ear when mine would poof on me for days, weeks and more, without a word as to what was going on. Always excuses.

Then I got Spitfire djing again, with encouragement from her owner, and heard her rich broadcasting voice, and melted.

About a year later, I became hers.

So this is for her.

All About The Spitfire (dropbox download)

  • Carly Rae Jepsen – Run Away With Me
  • Styx – Mr.Roboto
  • BABY D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
  • Lady GaGa – Born This Way
  • Ricardo Padua – Rainbow
  • Cliff Richard – Devil Woman
  • Leslie Fish – Ramboing
  • Ian Dury – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
  • Save Ferris – Come on Eileen
  • Europe – The Final Countdown
  • Ray Charles – (Night time Is) The Right Time
  • Laurel & Hardy – Trail Of The Lonesome Pine 1937 Way Out West
  • The Osmonds ~ Crazy Horses
  • Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right
  • Hallo Spaceboy – David Bowie
  • Puzzlebox – Jean’s Odyssey
  • – These tunes are HOT
  • Electronic Elvis: Love Me Tender – These tunes are HOT
  • The Kinks – Lola
  • Rachel Platten – Fight Song
  • Aerosmith ft. Run DMC – Walk This Way
  • Harry Nilsson – Everybody’s Talkin’
  • Julia Ecklar – Catatonia County Rag
  • David Bowie – Loving The Alien
  • Dee D. Jackson – Automatic Lover
  • Bedouin Soundclash – When the Night Feels My Song

Spitfire listened to about the first third of the set (all commercials for the whip, and voice overs were removed from the list above), and she had tears as she talked to me.  Some strong memories.  Songs she hadn’t heard since she asked me to play them.  Songs that brought on happy feels too.

“Thank you for this, mine.”

Just wait till Sunday!  That’s Spitfire’s rez day on SL!  Doing the same set list – all of it!bv3-jv7MQ5yR8My2XO7LCQ.png

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