Random things…

Spitfire took a “mind vacation” last week.  That was… Hard. The journal I wrote, more or less as it was happening, may or may not ever be available.  Spitfire has full permission to use any parts of the journal or comments she feels she needs to in her own blog.  This was a huge journey for both of us and I’m still recovering from the emotional upheavel I went through.  She seems fine, except a little apprehensive about asserting her dominance over me again.  I don’t blame her.  I would be too, if someone who I loved snapped at me.

I’ll be better prepared for the next time she needs a break like that.

World Wide Whip is both AWWWWWWESOME and frustrating.  Like any other work, I supposed.  It’s a volunteer station, and that sucks.  I wish it was one that was actually paying, but hey, another step up the ladder, right?  Catch me, Sundays, at 9pm PST on the World Wide Whip! (also known as the Gorean Whip Radio)

YMO galleria is having the grand re-opening on Sunday.  We have at least 4 events throughout the day.

Down to the thing at hand…

I’m reading on the YMO site, someone spoke about their relationship, and how she taught her husband to be her dominant. Or convinced him.  It was full of self-doubts.  The main one I am going to touch is “topping from the bottom.”

Quite simply: this does not exist.

“Oh, but I know slaves that do it… they do this…” blah blah blah blah.  What is being described is, in my opinion, brattiness, or consensual play, not bottom topping.

If you don’t make your needs met – both inside and outside of a play session – why are you even playing with the person?

Talk to your play partner, whoever it is.  Tell them, right down to the nitty gritty, that you need 7 candles, a butt plug, your hands tied in a fleur de lis rope pattern, and their cock shoved down your throat, in order to get off.  If they don’t know this, how are they to get you off?  How are they to help get themselves off with you, if you don’t talk and don’t negotiate?

The other thing is that it’s the dominant’s responsibility to learn everything they can about bdsm in order to improve themselves.


It is YOUR responsibility to learn all you can.  To share what works for you, after trying it out yourself, not someone else’s.  YOURS.

So, kinky people, get out there and learn something new!

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