Home or the Galleria Pre-opening Partays

So, last night, after running around SL and DJing my heart out for a “baby shower” that never really happened, but I still had fun, I was chilling at my home sim. Now, I have several home sims – I have my linden labs home, the home I rent for my real life so that he has white noise to DJ at, Spitfire’s home, Tranquility, and my hidey over a shop a friend owns.

This sim is different.

You Must Obey has their galleria where the “drones” (members) of the collective can come and hang, and more. Oh, so much more!
Eleanor, one of hers, and me
I’m one of the resident DJs there, and can be asked to play music by my “aunties,” or Unity One herself. I was zenning there at the galleria, sitting on auntie Eleanor’s lap, when Unity decided to turn me on. “Get some good tunes ready – IO DJ mode – preload – dance mode!” She said.

I was set up almost immediately, and streaming the homeworld soundtrack. Next thing I knew, she had decided to have a pre-opening party! About an hour in, Spitfire logs in. I had left a message for her to get her breaky first before logging in, and what was going on, so she was well prepared.

I was in full swing as a DJ, and Spitfire took me in her arms and we danced our hearts out!

Flying high with Spitfire
Yes, if our tip jars reach a certain point, we go naked. And if it gets to a second point, that’s when we get to have some fun.

Actually, I think it’s more fun for the audience. I’ll let you imagine what we do.

Saturdays, Spitfire has her dedicated set from 1pm SLT to 3pm SLT. That’s 1-3pm PST, 4-6pm EST, and 9-11pm UK time, where a bunch of the YMO people are at. During her sets, Spitfire has been encouraged to, and happily plays binaural beats for the crowd. It is announced before and during the show that binaurals are at play. Her parties are Awesome!
Spitfire and I
Party time at YMO!
YMO is my home sim for a whole lot of long list of reasons. The main one was how welcome I felt there. I had come and gone a few times in the two years I knew Spitfire, before even thinking about becoming hers. When I showed up that fateful day last summer, I was a very lost little Kittlen. I was lonely, scared, alone, and wanted friends. Spitfire wasn’t there, but that didn’t matter. I was a friend of hers, and was welcomed to stay and hang for as long as I needed to.

So I did. I stayed and hung with Miss Eleanor, who made me feel welcome. Then Unity One, and so many others. Spitfire put me under her protection, to keep me safe, and started to work her magic to heal my broken heart.

That’s not why YMO is my home sim.

I can be me here. I can be happily switchy me. I can be a domme, a protector, and more. I can gladly fall to my knees to Spitfire, or not, and no one harasses me for being what I’m not at that very moment. They accept me for me.

They’ve taken my tears, and cuddled me during my fears.  They share my joys!

They’re my family.

That’s why this is my home.

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