"you write good smut, mine," she tells me after reading something I was twiddling over. "I'd like to see more. It's made me wiggly." I groan. Smut sometimes is easy to write, but not always. Is this even any good? "You are filled with vampire venom,” Spitfire told me as I laid naked on the … Continue reading Smut


Originally written back in the summer, I have no clue why it never got published anywhere.  Maybe it is, and I've misplaced it. Anyway... Early on, Spitfire and I were talking... “I want you to write about your submissive needs,” domlyskirts tells me over several days. I’m not putting words in her mouth, I’m writing … Continue reading Needs


It's official.  My vertigo is finally bad enough that my family doctor is sending me to a specialist.  I saw them last night at the extended hours clinic.  The worst part, was after doing the treatment to get rid of it, I was sat up on the exam stable, and nearly fainted right off of … Continue reading Spoiled