The Night Before… Let the Music Play!

I had originally written this long post about a bunch of stuff about my set that I just did for Second Life’s 16th Birthday party, and… it got eaten by gremlins and disappeared.

I had written about how much I enjoy Djing. It is my passion. I love doing events like Second Life Birthday Celebrations, and I know the staff loved having me that they wanted me back for this year, and I’ve already gotten a second set!

I enjoy doing things like the Scifi Con this year, and the Expo last year. I have way too much fun, even with lag. I was in tears that our Purple Man Group could not be done for the second performance due to difficulities beyond what was planned for. One of our key people was dealing with real life issues and two others weren’t able to make it at the last minute either. I love the Purple Man Group performances we do. I get to play on the BIG drums and have a blast.

I enjoy charity events and love doing them, even if the charity in question is not one I would choose to support financially even if it is a legitimate charity. There are so many fake charities out there that you do have to be careful, but the American Cancer Society is very real, although my Canadian pride says I really should stick north of 49 for charity support. If I had the ability to do so, I would branch out in real life and DJ events locally. Yesterday’s Pride made me cringe with the playlist they were running until the drag queens and kings got to the stage. I could have had a 5 hour Pride music set, although it may have been a bit too Rupaul heavy.

My voice was the voice of the Whip and the Scifi Expo last year, and the Convention this year for the promo for it. It had me stoked that I did two spots both years for it. Last year, Spitfire and I did a little skit too. We also did a walk around both years. I did the afterparty for both years and loved it! The people who hosted me both years loved having me.

Right now, we have a promo for Second Life’s 16th Birthday running as DJs want to play it. I know everyone at the Whip is proud of the broadcasters who volunteered to play for SL16B. Irish Breen is taking my normal slot at 9pm tonight for her SL16B set, and Spitfire’s is on Wednesday. I have a second one on Wednesday at Midnight already, and I got asked to do more if they need filler.

Of course I said yes.

It’s a weird feeling knowing that my voice represented SL16B on the Whip, and the Scifi Con. I still can’t get used to hearing my voice for ads, but I am. It was dumb luck that I got the Whip Pride spots. Irish has several shout outs from me to use too, and she laughs whenever she plays them. I’m so not used to this.

Today, I slipped onto the Whip’s stream and did a bit of backstage work for SL16B, then… I went live at 10 am. This is what I played:

  • Molson Canadian – Molson Canadian Anthem
  • Aaron Pritchett – Hold My Beer
  • Nice Horse – Pony Up
  • Tim Hicks – Stronger Beer (beeped)
  • Dallas Smith – Tippin’ Point
  • Shania Twain – Up!
  • Susan Aglukark – Hina Na Ho (Celebration)
  • The Arrogant Worms – Log In To You
  • Prozzak – Be as
  • Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You
  • Marianas Trench – Rhythm Of Your Heart
  • Bryan Adams – Can’t Stop This Thing We Started
  • MAGIC! – Rude
  • Celine Dion – Ashes
  • Glass Tiger – Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)
  • Bedouin Soundclash – When the Night Feels My Song

The staff there loved me. The audience loved me. It was two sims and my radar counted about 30 people there. I was floored. I don’t know how many were listening on the Whip, but wow, what a rush.

I also learned some information about the event that I didn’t know before. It takes a truly professional DJ to do Sl16B. There’s a few Djs I know that would never make muster.

If they did somehow get past the application process, I know they would end up getting banned from DJing anywhere in SL permanently.

Yes, the Lindens are watching. No Effbonds. No nudity. No sexually explicit songs. “Log in to you” is as explicit as I get, and only because it’s all double entendres. There were several songs I wanted to play, and one I had originally wanted to, but when I heard it in the backstage part of my set, I was horrified. Efbombs all over the place! Nope. Not playing that for the Lindens. I love the singer and his parodies, but that song was just no.

So, my first performance for Sl16B is done. My next one is going to be 2 hrs long. What should I do as a theme for that one? Ponderings…

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