Bed of Roses

I found this one sim, and it was beautiful. It had places to wander around in and hide and more, and it was full of flowers, oh so full of flowers, that I was in love. I had to lie down on a bed of roses.

The OMGosh thing that happened, though, was that I had a job interview on a Saturday for a union job. Part time is better than no time, right? And union too? That has to come with benefits!

I have been thinking about my life recently, more specifically my own safety. My birthday was on the weekend, and their father had two of my three kids. I didn’t complain that he had them. I didn’t fuss up that I wasn’t going to be able to celebrate my birthday with my children. I had one child I had to try to soothe because they didn’t want to go. Not exactly what I had planned on for a birthday, but I did get quiet.

I started looking for another job when I got threatened by a customer at the delivery driving job I am still doing. The guy said to me, as I bent over to grab something from inside the car, “if I wasn’t worried about the assault charge, I’d tap that ass.”

I stood up, turned to face the guy, and told him in no uncertain terms that if he had, I would have left with his product and he would have SOL. I didn’t tell him he’d be blacklisted so fast. I still can’t figure out how he managed to convince me to give him a hug when I was done the transaction, nor did he let me go back to my car right away. The address is on a watch list. Nor was that the first sexual assault attempt by a customer. We simply don’t talk about them.

I have been attacked by dogs, so now I carry doggy treats that has appeased the puppers most of the time. I haven’t been bit doing that job, but I was bit doing the paper route years ago. I have stood there while customers have berated me for being too slow during busy times, or didn’t get exactly the right product (like I know anything about cigarettes!) or how dare I charge X for delivery! It should be free! Tips, if I get them, are few and far between and I’m thankful for them when and if I do.

I have gotten dumped on by customers about bad relatives, rotten staff (gee, if you’re in an addiction recovery place, buying beer and cigarettes might not be the best thing for you to do), and how unfair life is. My last shift, this one regular of ours who I have delivered to three times so far just started bawling. We’re both single mothers and I tried to give her some backbone to stand up to bullies. I hope it helped.

There’s also one last thing about the job that I have that I hate. It isn’t that it’s piecework. Or that there’s long hours. It’s the weather. I don’t like being deluged with rain, and the snowfalls we had during the winter gave me a huge scare that told me I needed to find an indoor job.

So, after the sexual assault threat, I decided to flurry my resume again. I had been trying to get into this one place, ever since the ex threatened me with child services over something that, if it actually had been that important, he should have done with the children while we were together. Instead, he threatened me, just as I was beginning the hiring process of working at the same place he works at. I had to stop it cold, and apologized to the man who offered me the job. That if the threat hadn’t been made, I could have and would have worked there too for over two months now, opposite hours he worked. The threat changed that.

We have a term in Canada. “Hostile Work Environment.” Working at the same place as a man who threatened me, and my children, would have created that very situation the moment I stepped through that door. We had been doing so good as coparents up until that moment.

I have just finished all the computer paperwork I need to do to get hired at this other place. The last 9 months of delivery driver has taught me personal shopping, and it’s something I’m certain I can be good at. At least, I think I’m good at.

The problem is that I’m going to have to give up something I love in order to work there. I have to have 2/3 weekend days available, and I am keeping Sunday free for my passion. That means Friday is no longer an option for Djing for me. Which means saying goodbye to a sim I enjoyed.

The more life changes, the more it stays the same.

Sunday, 10 am, at the Spin Master’s Stage, I will be bringing Canada to Second Life’s Sweet Sixteen! The theme is the 1950’s, so my plan is 1950’s music from Canada. I know I have stuff from a previous set of the 1950’s. I wanted to bring Canada to that set. I plan on presenting Nice Horse, Aaron Pritchett and more. Yes, those are Country musicians, but Nice Horse is fun. I also, kinda sorta, have permission to simulcast on the Whip!

I’m excited and can’t wait. Last year, I was signed up for two sets, and ended up doing a whole bunch more. This year, I only have one, but the staff have seen my name in the group chat and I’ve already been told by a couple that, yes, they will watch for me to volunteer to fill in blank spots!

So, no matter what dirt has been thrown at me. No matter what garbage I have to deal with…

I get to represent Canada to the world!

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