Incelluar 2

“You should have just blocked him.”

I should have.

If I wasn’t in a panic when he was rapid fire texting me.

That’s what they do… men who think they can badger women into being their sex toys. Rapid fire stuff at them. Accuse them of things. Make them dizzy with disbelief and so off balance, that the women don’t know what to do with themselves or how to defend themselves.

The moment the idiot had called me, I was snapped out of the spin he had put me in.

“You should have just blocked him,” said Spitfire.

If I could have thought for two minutes without the rapid fire or exhaustion, I would have.

He’s blocked now, but I’m rattled. The address is hopefully flagged to stop women from going there for a bit. But damn. That was a close call.

What if he hadn’t let go of me when he demanded a hug?

What if he had grabbed me?

What if I had said yes to hanging out and he had … and I had ended up… and then ended up at the hospital by his sheer weight dislocating my hip?

I’m trying to shake the horror from my hair. He didn’t. I didn’t. I’m safe.


I think I ran into an incel.

No, I’m pretty sure I did. After all, he didn’t take no for an answer.

“You could have…”

“You should have…”

“Why didn’t you…?”

Does it matter? I’m rattled, but I wasn’t hurt and I wasn’t touched, even though I’m still having ptsd flashback to when I was 17.

I need to concentrate on DJing and doing my post Sl16B blog post and get this jerk out of my hair.

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