Over the last several months, mum’s been giving me tasks to do.  Go to this place, give her a save place to tp at.  Take care of this drone.  Take care of that drone.  Do this. Do that.  Put the events in the SL calendar.  Make sure the private calendar is updated.  Make sure stuff is added to the various pages on the website.

Recently, dusting in the Galleria has been added.  Including what I have to dust at Spitfire’s land, I have 17 items.

There’s still some issues too, so I am not hanging around the galleria like I should be.  I’ve been elsewhere, hanging out with dominas and slave boys I like.  Going to discussions again.  DJing my heart out – but I’m burning out. I think if this one place is as poor again, I should kill the set.

So, you would think a trained handmaid who does what you say without you having to ask, would be a benefit within your group of people?

I must be missing something.  Some clue of where I’m messing up. Something I’m not seeing in the grand scheme of things, cause, after all, wouldn’t an offer to cuddle after a play session be accepted?  There’s something not right.

I will get back to putting up more from fetlife after I adult after I sleep.

I’m feeling kinda useless at the moment.

Maybe that’s the problem – without directives, without direction, I am useless.


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