10 days….

For the next week, Spitfire is going to be without her Owner while Unity takes a well deserved vacation from everything.

It’s going to be hard on both of us.

It’s going to be really hard on her.

See… she has deadlines.

I don’t.

She has to work.

I have to mom. I help my husband when he works, but my help isn’t critical for his work.

Spitfire, however, needs a good sub who doesn’t require her time.  She needs a good sub that does self care and obeys. She needs a good sub that can help soothe her nerves by giving her a big belly laugh.

Unfortunately, she has me.

Who doesn’t obey.

Who tap dances around rules and limits.

Who loves to make their dom facepalm.

At least I can make her roar with laughter so much, she nearly busts a gut.

I have to try behave. The next ten days are going to be pure hell.  The last two…  I had set up two more items to dust, and she’d gone and dusted a couple of times.  It helps both of us centre to dust.

Spitfire showed me some of her private journal.  On a morning of hers when I couldn’t be there, she felt it.  It shook her that she didn’t have at least a few moments with me to help centre herself for her day ahead.

I was just as rattled that I didn’t have her arms around me to calm me down before I went to sleep.  I needed her just as much as Spitfire needed me.  I had had a long, stressful day, and I needed her.  I conditioned for about 80 minutes just as she should have called me to her arms. I would have been receptive to her words, and she would have been able to dive me deep in her arms.  The trance would have been welcome.

Except, Spitfire wasn’t there, and she felt the loss of my presence in her life.

I felt the loss of hers in mine.

10 days…

She had a good shift today at the Galleria.  Old Guard for me was a joke. I started early cause Coyote’s computer overheated.

I’ve been sending Spitfire to sleep by running my fingers down her back.  In my mind’s eye, because she’s a drone, I’m slowly switching her off, turning everything she has running off, so she can deep sleep.  Spitfire wagged her finger at me today for turning off her dom.  And her sub side.

Spitfire said we’d discuss this later.  I plan on meeting her at the family garden for us time.  I don’t want to be her sub tonight/her morning. I need to talk to her first.

I’m waiting for her to get up.  We need to talk.




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