15 years later… (Erotica)

This was originally published on Fetlife half a decade or more ago.  It was the second piece, written for a specific person. The first piece has gone to the ether.

Erotica for enjoyment. (points to one person) Yes, you’re in this. (points to another) No, you’re not. (points to a third) Shush. Let me write.

It had been 15 years since the last time we touched. You began by stroking my face. Your touch was warm. Your kiss – electric. Oh, how I missed that kiss.

I had been freed from my bonds for the week, freely given to be enjoyed by you. Oh how I missed you.

You took my hand and guided me into your home with my two small airplane bags. You stroked my hair with the back of your palm and had me vibrating at your touch.

You wanted this as much as I did. You told me to stay right there and I stood, waiting. My bags disappeared. Then you reappeared with my new collar. My old one, the one I had grown to love and adore, was wearing out. This one, yet another one made by your loving hands, was ready to be fitted to my neck.

You placed it on the shelf beside me and kneeled down at my feet. Without a word, you pulled one leg to you, my dainty foot slipped free from the heels I wearing. You slipped off the stocking, slowly pulling it down and over my toes. The other foot was next, and soon, I was barefoot in front of you.

You never spoke as you undressed me. My coat slipped down over my shoulders and you took it to hang it meticulously with the rest of your coats. My blouse slid over my head, my skirt to my ankles, and soon, I was naked and vulnerable before you.

Do you remember the last time you saw me like this? I do. Your kiss was just as electric then. You were too afraid to touch me, too afraid to hurt me. But not this time. You’ve grown and gotten bolder.

You took my hand and kissed it, the gentle flutter of your lips even more erotic that undressing me. You slipped around behind me, your hands brushing my skin. I started to shiver.

Then, without a word, you let me to the bathroom for a cleansing.

I won’t go into details about what you did there, but that was when you first started to talk to me, guiding me through the process. I needed you to talk to me, the sensations you were putting me through were intense. Soon, I was cleaned inside and out, and you worked your magic towel drying me in the process.

You called my name and I turned to look at you, deep into your eyes. I was mesmerized. You guided me down to your dungeon, where you’d start to guide me to subspace.

You had talked to me for years about it. You were going to use toys made or bought specifically for me so that you could watch and enjoy me. You teased me for years, always careful not to scare me.

The backside of your hand brushed my neck and I flinched. Your lips touched my ear as you whispered at me to trust you. I held still, willing myself to stay in one place as you stroked the one part of me that I still panic over. Your hands worked their magic on my body. The new collar you made me slipped around my neck. I could feel you tighten it, then lock it just like the other one. Into my hand you pressed a key on a fob.

My hands and ankles also were treated to new anklets and cuffs. As each one went on, you hummed quietly to yourself. I watched you from shaded eyes, a smile never leaving your face. You had me hold my arms out at the sides, and began weaving an intricate pattern of rope work over my entire body.

With each subsequent knot, and each subsequent tie, I felt even more restrictive. You asked me to move, to squat, to see how I was able to move against the bonds that now held me. I could feel two ropes through my crotch, so that my sacred central slit was available for your use.

You circled around me, enjoying your work. Then you walked away from me. That was when I began to realize that you had attacked ropes to the ceiling in precise locations. I felt a small tug at first. Soon, I was on tiptoe.

That didn’t last long. I was suspended in mid air as you worked the ropes, evening them out so that I was parallel to the ground. You raised me, then lowered me, checking the height adjustments, but you were not done yet.

Once again, your lips were at my ear, almost hungry. You told me to trust you, and your hand caressed my throat again. I gasped your touch. Your hand left my throat, sliding down my body, flicking my nipples and arousing me. I couldn’t help but be aroused.

What happened next surprised me more than anything. I felt you press a bulb against my rosebud and push in. You told me to breathe and to relax, to let it slide in, and somehow, it did. I whimpered at the new sensation, my desire to be had rising. Oh, I needed a long shaft pummelling me from the inside. I began to beg to cum.

You laughed, playing with my little joy buzzer. Two of your fingers slipped inside of me and found my joy buzzer’s mate. Your tongue took a hesitant flick. You must have decided you liked my taste, because you began to lap at my sacred spots with glee.

You tortured me with your tongue. You paused only to use your other hand on it. I couldn’t breathe. I begged you to let me cum. You chuckled. You called my name and told me to cum for you, to cum hard.

So I did.

As my muscles clenched and released, I suddenly felt overfull. Then the waves of orgasms hit even harder. The bulb in my rosebud started to vibrate hard, and I felt the fullness within me pulsate. I looked down, saw what you were doing, and you smiled as I became an orgasmic fury around your wrist.

I do not know how long you made me scream in beautiful pain. Yes, there was pain, but it was drowned out by the stacked orgasms, one on top of the other. I couldn’t help but cum, and you made sure I was well and truly winded before you stopped.

You were not done. Your lips found my joy buzzer again as your hand slipped free from within me. I came again, the sudden emptiness and withdrawal a harsh contrast to being filled so completely.

You stood up and with lidded eyes, I saw your erection taunting me, teasing me. You rubbed it against my outer walls, to tease me. You demanded I beg for you, that I plead for you. So I did. I begged to take you, to take all of you, deep in me.

You slipped a C-shaped vibrator into me and turned it on. The contrasting pulse argued with the one in my rosebud. I couldn’t help myself. As you placed your head on my lips and demanded I suck you, I came again. You laughed, amused at my spectacle and changed your mind.

I kept on cumming, never noticing that you had finally slipped into me until I grabbed you for the first time and another cascade fell over me. With each pump, your cock pounded my back walls, pushing me higher. I called out your name and your mouth covered mine. I screamed into your kisses, my orgasms rippling through me.

When your hot jet of fire hit my back wall, I arched into it, trying to grab you, to pull you in as close and as deep as I could get you. Just like you, I was spent. Unlike you, the waves of aftershocks were just beginning to hit me. As you cleaned both of us up, disposing of any debris, I arched and moaned, fighting the bonds that held me.

You brushed your towel covered hand over my slit and I came again. You revelled in this. You enjoyed the fact that at that moment, just breathing on me would make me cum. You chuckled, continuing to tease me.

The ropes that held me aloft were lessened and you placed my hands against a wall. There, you made me stay as still as I could when yet another one of your toys came out to play. The first thuds of the flogger were not painful, but the contrast between the thuds and the incessant vibrations between my legs left me unable to fight the stings of the next few hits. Within seconds, I was cumming again.

Your arms encircled my waist and you pulled me to you. You told me how good of a girl I was, as your fingers probed my red buttocks. Without another word said, you impaled me again, this time riding me like a bucking horse. I came again, unable to withstand the onslaught. You held me there, taking me from behind. You spent yourself in me again, but only after making sure I was going to cum with you.

You held me close where we had landed. I was safe in your arms, your spent erection slowly receding from me, the ropes that held me still holding me tight. I pillowed my head on your arm, while we cuddled during more aftershocks. You stroked my belly and I came. You stroked my arm and I came. You stroked my neck, and the orgasm that rocked my body made me scream your name one more time.

You chuckled, nuzzling my neck as I began to drift off on waves of warmth. I know you removed your toys from me and carried me to the spare bedroom where my things had been moved to because that’s where I woke up, safe and warm in that bed, snuggled up to your side.

That was just the start of our week together.

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