The Hat

I sent Spitfire to bed with a smile today.  A small parcel with tea, more origami stars I make, some pens, and the most important thing - a Tardis slouchy hat - had arrived today.  She held off opening it till she could get me on skype right before I had to go do the … Continue reading The Hat

Ponderings 2

Where do I start this time? I found some tweets thanks to a new twitter account I have.  He got into my head again and made me cry, because of what he said in them.  He had moaned just after New Years and just before Valentine's day that he was alone again and it's been … Continue reading Ponderings 2

Caged 2

(Please note: I may or may not be quoting Spitfire verbatum. It's my understanding of what she said to me that is in this post.) Blue arms pull me away from the sissy's lap I'm sitting on.  I cry out in frustration and surprise, especially at her strength.  She is a gynoid after all - … Continue reading Caged 2