Dog House

Originally posted in July on another site that doesn’t keep dates of when things were posted. Playing catch up.

My husband grabs my phone and starts to text. It takes him a few minutes to do it, but he finishes, and hits send.

“What did you do?”

“I’m tired of his shit. How many days has it been since he last logged into SL?”

“Thirty-seven,” I say. Yes, I was keeping track. It had been at least four days since he contacted me directly. More really. And two days of silence from me, even though his skype picks up.

“He’s done with you. If he even wants to think about reclaiming your collar, he’s going to have to spend at least the same length of time it has been since the last time you two made love on SL. Read what I wrote.”

“That’s almost two months!”

“He has to prove himself! So far the only thing that he’s proven is that his word is worthless. Look at kiddo’s project for school. He never did the part he promised to do for her, right?”

I hang my head in shame.

“See my point? I am your Lord and Master. He only has mastery over you so long as I allowed it. He’s lost that privilege.”

I am crushed.

I read what the husband has written…

You don’t deserve my wife’s time, energy, or affection. She has been waiting for you to get your ass back online for over a month. The only thing she asked for you to do was a text a day, and you couldn’t even do that for her. Gtfo until you’re actually ready to commit. I’m tired of listening to her literally pine away for you. I’m tired of hearing about the hundred and one things that have been stopping you from doing that for the better part of a year. Enough is enough. Don’t bother trying to come back for her because she can’t wait any longer.

I unpartner him on SL. I block Skype. He was off my collar over a week ago. Coyote and I discuss things and Bam! We’re now partners. Not that it matters – we do our own things together and separate.

I bite my lip to hold back tears.

“Hey, why don’t we set up a dog house for him in his SL place?”

“And signs! Oh yes!!”

“We can put out two food bowls, and warning signs. And make sure the dog house has his name on it!”

We continue to discuss what to do, and then I do it.

I fill his linden home with a dog house and more!

There’s more… but that’s for me to know about and him to find out in an explosive manner.

I am still a prankster, after all.

“Um… I blew up the castle…”

I roll my eyes and listen to her* story of her playing with some of the toys I gave her.

Not even one day… I still feel like a huge burden is on me. I need to really cry.

“He’s not your master anymore. Do you want the training you applied for?”

“No. I won’t be in a good headspace. Maybe in a while.”

“Smart move. Don’t do anything stupid like leave SL or take another collar or anything.”

“I won’t.”

Not even his… my broken heart’s desire.

Does crazy glue work on sand?


*footnote: “her” is my main submissive/mentee/friend and more, Coyote.  The other voice is a dominant that owns a sim based on the Story of O.


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