Once again - these are not Spitfire's words, but what I understood from what she said... I was arting the night before I had gone to sleep. She had woken up and was rattled because she was having to take a turn monitoring her father's needs. I was playing with Gimp with some images I … Continue reading Wordless

The Hat

I sent Spitfire to bed with a smile today.  A small parcel with tea, more origami stars I make, some pens, and the most important thing - a Tardis slouchy hat - had arrived today.  She held off opening it till she could get me on skype right before I had to go do the … Continue reading The Hat


Originally written back in the summer, I have no clue why it never got published anywhere.  Maybe it is, and I've misplaced it. Anyway... Early on, Spitfire and I were talking... “I want you to write about your submissive needs,” domlyskirts tells me over several days. I’m not putting words in her mouth, I’m writing … Continue reading Needs