Incelluar 2

"You should have just blocked him." I should have. If I wasn't in a panic when he was rapid fire texting me. That's what they do... men who think they can badger women into being their sex toys. Rapid fire stuff at them. Accuse them of things. Make them dizzy with disbelief and so off … Continue reading Incelluar 2

The Night Before… Let the Music Play!

I had originally written this long post about a bunch of stuff about my set that I just did for Second Life's 16th Birthday party, and... it got eaten by gremlins and disappeared. I had written about how much I enjoy Djing. It is my passion. I love doing events like Second Life Birthday Celebrations, … Continue reading The Night Before… Let the Music Play!

Minuette 01

A little twiddle I am working on. Just a tidbit to tease. Monday It starts during the first meeting, in the private hotel rooms... “I see your pet is here, Phoenix,” I felt my master stiffen behind me.  His hand left my breast and rested on my hip. This new voice was familiar and sent … Continue reading Minuette 01