The A-Word Too

CFNM mansion on Sunday. That's Nellie and Petroc with me. My head is hurting while I try to write this. I read Spitfire's take on her autism over on her blog earlier today. Yes, I truly believe she has autism and struggled with it on a daily basis, and fights to stay "normal," whatever "normal" … Continue reading The A-Word Too

Help me remember!

"I need to fix myself first so I can dom you better. So I can be a good dominant to you.  Help me remember!" I read her plea from across the ocean and I feel shame. Shame that she doesn't remember how to be a dom, much less my dom. Shame that I have no … Continue reading Help me remember!

Minuette 01

A little twiddle I am working on. Just a tidbit to tease. Monday It starts during the first meeting, in the private hotel rooms... “I see your pet is here, Phoenix,” I felt my master stiffen behind me.  His hand left my breast and rested on my hip. This new voice was familiar and sent … Continue reading Minuette 01