SL16B – It’s a wrap!


As I sat back in my chair, and realized how many people were there for my 10 am set, I was floored. This was Sl16B and I was djing at 10 am on a Sunday. I’d be lucky if I had anyone. The two sims had over 30 people, and it was broadcast throughout the event sims.

Simulcasted on the World Wide Whip of course.

More pictures…

I think this is my favorite DJ outfit at the moment – Tron by Jay Sparrowtree, and an RFL jacket from the Scifi con.
My cuteness 1950’s style. Yes, I know. it’s pink…
Shhh! Don’t look, Spitfire… there’s a MOLE behind us..
My second set. Spitfire joined me and I was overjoyed. 2 hrs of djing from midnight to 2 am.

Moles are the lindens who keep the sims running. I don’t know what exactly they do, but it must be magic. I got my second Linden bear from them too!

What’s a Linden bear? Just a highly sought after collectible within Second Life.

Just a few members of the support staff at Irish Breen’s third set at SL16B.
Spitfire at her set.

I really don’t know why she decided to hide behind the DJ booth. The rest of us came out to play with the crowds.

The crowds for the afterparty. I am wearing a bikini under the see-through genie outfit, honest!
Nance Clowes, the first stage hand who gave me a pep talk and calmed me down so I could do this. She’s the one who told me something that I couldn’t tell Spitfire until after her set.
There are lindens afoot during this. They are very particular about which DJs represent them at things like this. Majorly screw up, and you will be banned from SL.
I didn’t screw up. They want me back. And Irish. And Spitfire too!

I made it through SL16B. There will be a staff afterparty where DJs will be able to come and have fun and show off to just the volunteers who did all the hard work to make the event run so smooth.

Go guys go! I can’t even begin to name all the volunteers who were there to help and more. Maybe next year, I’ll be one of them.


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