Hi, my name is Puddin. Mama says we gonna go Vancouver and see important stuff.

How fast we goin, mama?

Mama made sure my brother Berry and sister Cupcake were safe at home and I wanted to go with her. I am a bush baby and love hanging with mama. She’s a good driver.

We got to the fairy and got on. Mama let me look out the window.

Lots and lots of water
We go dis way.
We gonna leave soon fairy? Hurry up!
Ooo… lots of water.

Mama tells me I gots to be careful. It’s really deep water and I no swim good.

Mama took me up to the top of the fairy. I wanted to look around. She said no.

Mama? Can I see?
Ohhh We gonna go there, mama?

We got on a long bus and mama said that I could watch out the window. I bounced on someone’s shoulder and saw the gate lions as we went over more water.

Lots and lots of water.

I no swim good at all.

Mama says she met dis one.

Mama took me for a walk down Grant villa and we found these. She says she met this one and he was a sweetie. I dunno. I never tasted him.

Mama took me to someplace called Met-toe-town. I ran around and had funs.

Mama said Hi Land Here was filmed here. She says she met a cast member by accident.
Mama said no swims. I no swims.

Mama found this and thought it was funnies. She boughts it.

Mama and I go sleep at grangran’s place. Next day, I get to go out ‘splorin.

Is dis a mermaid?

Mama took me to someplace called Met-toe-town again. I ran around and had funs.

I caughted it! Iz mine!

Mama went to something called bee cee die a beasties. She spent time talking to the people there and left with something in her arm. I asked her if it hurted. It didn’t. She was told it was to help her sugars. Mama’s sweet enough.

Doctor Elliot. He was nice nice.

Mama said next stop – Die Sew!

We get to go in there???

Daiso. Mama said she could spend hours in Daiso. I found better stuffs.

I want Candy!!!

Mama says no candy. We headed back to grangran. Grangran wanted sushi.

Where we now, mama?

Mama and I went on something called Canada Line. It was fast and loud and dark and stuff.

I made a friend!

Mama and grangran went for sushi.

I can haz banana roll with extra banana pwease.

Mama and grangran decide that mama can catch next fairy home if grangran is fast driving.

Ooohhhh drive faster grangran!
Making sure everything is safe

We get to the fairy really early and mama says I can go play for a bit. I find this big log. It has paint and carved up and a hole I could make my home. Mama says no.

But mama! I wanna live here!
Wassa marina?
Mama says we should give props for Spitfire. She laughed
I dunnwannago mama

Mama caughted me and we go for a walk, a long walk, into fairy term in y’all.

Mama says this special fairy

Mama tells me that fairy goes to a special island that her favorite books came from. She says good writing happens on that island.

Das a big fairy

Mama says this is the fairy we’re taking home. It’s a big one.

I’z sleepies

Mama let me stay at the window. She says sometimes you see orcas or other animals. She was tired and went sleepies. So did I.

Lotsa lights
Drive safe mama!

Mama got home. She showed me what was put in her arm.

Mama cyborg!

Mama says the dot on her arm will help the doctors to help her and get her better. My brother and sister missed me, and I missed them too!

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