Scifi Con

I should have posted about this well over a week ago, but WOW what a RUSH!

The World Wide Whip was the OFFICIAL radio station of the 2019 Scifi Con in SL. We did our Blue Man Group on Saturday (nope, no pictures) and more. It was pretty epic. I should have taken more pictures, but I, or Spitfire, managed to take a couple.

Dj OBwon on the main stage!

At one point, I was bored and went to the mainstage to see what was happening and I quickly talked to one of the admins and then to the DJ, and got the go ahead. There was no one one the Whip, so I piggybacked DJ UBwon to the Whip and he had a blast! I hope he becomes one of our broadcasters.

I got invited onto the mainstage by UBwon and his host (I forget your name, I’m sorry) and the crowd cheered! He was broadcasted all throughout our network and it was awesome!

Tron Outfit

This is the Tron Outfit that Jay Sparrowtree had designed for a Tron contest and then did some changes for the Scifi Con. It has the Scifi con logo on the back. Pair it with the Relay for Life jacket that was for sale and it looks awesomesauce. That’s what I’m wearing up with DJ UBwon.

That’s about 15 people listening in, and that was just at the mainstage. I didn’t even check to see how many were listening in over our broadcast range. I was having too much fun listening to this guy. He was hyped up and GOOD. I could learn a few things from him.

RFL Jacket

Come on… how awesome does this jacket look? It’s epic isn’t it? And you could only get it during the Scifi Con too.

Spitfire and I were all kissyface during the opening ceremonies. Way too cute. I was actually working in real life, and had left my avatar on and available to be present for Irish. She RAWKED the opening.

Spitfire had a couple of avatars and I really wish I had a gif of the dancing blue and pink Dalek she was for a while. I think I hurt myself laughing too hard. We did a double set together on Wednesday during the con where we wandered the sims looking at things. A lot of the stuff rendered me speechless. If I can find the archive of that set, I will put it here after editing it into this post.

Basically, it was a blast, and I did the Scifi Con’s after party set at one of two places in the lead for raising the most money. It ended up being second place. I wish I had the totals we raised too handy. It was 1.3mil Lindens or about $5,000 USD for Relay for Life in Second Life.

I do have one super important announcement to make, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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