I have found a sim that I’m enjoying playing a bird at.  A bird that does the ol’ Nissan Commercial Top Gun Dirty Bird flybys.  This is my baby bird, “Mooncheeps.”


Being a bird means I don’t have to worry about being pressued into sexting someone.  I can rp all I want as a bird, and do silly things like this:

Mooncheeps rocked back and forth, chirping and tweeting, answering the birds outside. “No, you silly fools, I’m inside and I’m warm and you’re not. Nyah. Neener Neener Neener.”


Mooncheeps  flew into the area, doing circles of the woman in purple and finally, landing in her veils, making a righteous racket. “Miss! Miss! I’ve missssssed you!!! Don’t you remember me? I’m Cheepy! I missed you! Where have you been? There’s been storms and danger and mean grubs and cages and cold and my belly’s empty!” But of course, to the hu-mons, all they heard was a cacophony of bird squawks.

Or even,

Mooncheeps chirruped and continued to make a fuss, being oh so articulate. “Aren’t I such a clever girl? That mean ol’ boy tried to keep me, but I pecked and pecked and pecked and pecked just right and got free. I could smell you, miss. I miss my miss. my humama… I am so very hungry…” The golden bird pressed her head against the woman’s chin, gently pecking at the woman’s lip through her veil. “I missed you so much!” To the humans, all she was doing was making more bird noises.

This is just fun little bits of play, and the rpers love having beasts of all sorts doing stuff.  Some are trained, some aren’t, and we all bring a je ne sais quoi to the rp.  Most of the RP I do is lost in general chat, but I’d like to think I add a bit of humor to the situation.

I can’t wait to do my top gun rp.  I have a few targets.  But I’m going to have to age up my birdie a bit for that first.

There’s a lot of other things going on in my life, and once again, this phrase wins true: the lady with the documentation wins.  A company that I have been paying for their services screwed up in real life and if things had gone wrong, it could have cost them millions, all over a single little letter they should have sent to me.  Nor is that the only time recently that having the right documentation has worked in my favor.  The irony abounds, and all I have done is add to the documentation pile I have.

I’ve ended up with a free oil change because of it all, and a chauffeur driven ride, all because someone forgot to send a time sensitive letter.  The company in particular could have been liable for millions, all because someone didn’t do their job for ten minutes.

I got invited to an “end of event party” on Canada Day.  The logistics with it are going to be intense.  Going to have to coordinate with other djs for it.  Not like that’s a big deal, really.

Sunday is going to be interesting. I have to be both at home _and_ djing at a sim for Canada Day during the day.  I guess it’ll depend on the weather.  The forecast for Sunday is rain and a lot of it.  Minimum time DJing on Sunday? 6 hrs.  I think I have enough Canadian music for that. XD

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