SL15B After Partay


I got asked to do an afterparty set for the people who ran the stages shows for SL15B, and, of course, I said yes.

This was going to take some planning. If I took the 9pm slot, I could DJ on the Whip and do the after partay as part of it, but the coordination between the radio and the partay was going to be too much for my poor little brain to handle.  If there was no one before me, sure, but there is almost always someone before me, and his name is Black Ort.

Black Ort and I have had an interesting relationship from the moment I met him.  His gruff voice was the same one who was reading to me the Gorean novels I was shown.  They aren’t perfect readings, and I’ve lost the link, but they were something to do when I was bored.  I started to sit in on his conversations until 15 minutes before my show, when I’d flit off to wherever it was I was going to dj at.

Except the one day when Black Ort had a technical problem.  Thanks to some quick thinking on my end, I got him on the air.

Since then, he’s been a good friend and mentor and confidant at the Whip.  I joke about how, whenever he says my name wrong, I get to have a shot of alcohol.  He laughs about that, but now he gets my name right, so no more shots for me. Shuckydarns.

So what else could I do but ask him to go long for a night.  It’s not like he hasn’t gone long before, but he always warns me when he is going to.  I don’t mind.  Keeping him happy is a good thing, and knowing I won’t complain to him if he’s late in doing a hand off has kept him happy.  There are other djs I’ve been around, and either they have to have it done their way, whichever random way it is, or they blow up your inbox.

I prefer to stay civil, or at least try to.  I had a manager go ballistic recently when I took over for her because I did an “improper handoff” when she told me to take over whenever I was ready.  Well, I was ready, and she didn’t get to have her happy sign off. I’ve talked to the owner of that place, and she’s asked me to stay on for “special events,” so I will.


So the plan was: do my Canada Day set for CFNM, eat supper, get dressed for SL15B, and go hang there for a few hours, listening to the other djs, before I do my set, then straight to the Whip. I didn’t know where I was going to do that set, so I asked around a bit, and one of the sims I like was too busy with rebuilding and rp, and another one just had an event, and and and… So the plan was to go to the hub.

CFNM set down and done, I went home, changed, and headed to SL15B.

For three hours, I listened to the other Djs, something I wasn’t able to do while I was there, because I don’t like sticking around where I work unless I’m invited to.  It’s something from real life.

Then I got to hit the floor, and there was Luscious.  Luscious who I suddenly remembered I promised her more Carly Rae Jepsen.  Soooo… I very quickly switched up my set.

Ƚυcισυຣ™: IO!!  IO!! IO!!

Ya think she remembered me?

The Music I Picked:

Tom Cochrane – Life Is a Highway

Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You

Bryan Adams – Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

Shania Twain – Up! (Green Version)

Marianas Trench – This Means War

Shania Twain – Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?

The Arrogant Worms – Log In To You

Tim Hicks – Stronger Beer (beeped)

The Tragically Hip – New Orleans Is Sinking

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Taking care of business

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

The Guess Who – American Woman

The Arrogant Worms – Canada’s Really Big

Glass Tiger – Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)

Bedouin Soundclash – When the Night Feels My Song

Carly Rae Jepsen – Run Away With Me


I had fun. I was overwhelmed. I started with knocking knees and scared out of my wits, but by the end, I was happy as a clam.

I’d do it again in an instant!


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