SL15B Fashions

Let’s start with what I am wearing in my new profile picture for Second Life. This was also on my tip jars, and will be until the celebration is truly over in a few months.

I’m not sure about the makeup or the skin – that’s a Lumae Skin. I think it might be from Fantasy Faire, or another one of Lumae’s skins. I tend to only wear Lumae or Fallen Ghods. I’d have to redress my avatar from the mesh out to know what skin it was.

The hair is from Doe. It’s a rare gacha in “Candy” called “Samira.” It was just editible enough that I was able to change the hair colour to heliotrope (233,119,255).

The outfit is from Sweet Thing – Amira silks. These silks come as either a one piece mesh or as seperate pieces, with a nice hud and lots of colours. I do enjoy wearing them a lot.  It comes with the jewelry as part of the dress.  The picture was taken by a gorean while I was visiting his sim and looking around.  He caught a couple of good ones, but this one was the best with my pointed ears.

My ears are from Soul.


This is my “Lady Canada” dress.  It’s from 2013’s Miss Virtual World.  I have loved it since I first got it and am wearing the “supermodel” size.  Evie’s Closet Demeter’s Gown.I’m also wearing a lanyard to one of the event sites for performers only.  I love them!  Best. Souvenir. Evah!  The hair was a group gift from Truth.


Madison Wexhome Designs’ Oh Canada dress, and a pair of tip toe shoes, Pria, I believe, although I have somehow acquired several of the same style from different vendors.

The cat on my shoulder was the hunt prize from Kittycats.  I have most of the hunt items, and I’m not even going to go back and try to get the last few.


4Play and I wore a Mardi Gras dress.  The shoes it came with didn’t work with our mesh bodies, so I got shown what boots they were wearing and bought them too.

Most of what I wore was from my own inventory.  The 4Play stuff? Not so much, but I only had to spend 400L to match what they were wearing.

I plan on cruising around the celebration sims some more. I’ve done the shopping sim, so I’m not going back there, but there’s all these other sims with displays and more that I would want to see.

For the SL15B afterparty, I was in am “Oh! Canada” leather jacket from Coveted, leather pants from a “Fancy Pants” rare gacha by Promagic, and the shoes were Temptations Buckle Ballet Tip Toes from [PPD].

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